There are so many gadgets out there which are very useful for us and also within budget. These can help us to make efficiency and make work-life better.


Here are the top 10 list of gadgets under 500 which are very useful


10. Mobile tripod stand

nataman portable adjustable aluminum lightweight camera stand original imafqf5hygghmexw

This product is for clicking photos and making videos if you’re a photographer or you make vlogs then this is very useful for you guys.

You can carry it wherever you want because it’s lightweight.

It comes in the range of 199-500

LINK-: https://bit.ly/32jnM0v


61dR6Py28XL. AC SL1500

Again this product useful for photographers and digital creators.

It is widely applied to indoor and outdoor photoshoots, advertisement photography, etc.

Available in the range of 350-450

LINK:- http://amzn.to/3tqeNGH


61koGY5anRL. SX355

We all know we cant use phone while driving or riding, we can install this gadget in our car or on the bike so we can
use the GPS, pick up the calls changing
the music.

This product is useful for the Ola and Uber drivers
The price range of this product is 400-500.

LINK-: http://bit.ly/3uVEsYd


xiaomi mi power bank 3 1000 mah 18w qc 3 pd plata 01 l

In today’s scenario, Powerbank is the most important gadget in our life. Pocket size and easy carry while traveling or some other work.

In the range of 500, we can buy 5000mah power bank and there are many online shopping websites in which there are many offers on this product, so we can buy up to 10000mah battery power bank.

LINK:- https://bit.ly/3v18BFL

6. High-Speed USB hub

617P4wiqXjL. SL1011

This is another useful gadget that can help in our daily life. This USB hub adds more USB port, sd card reader to the laptop
and desktop.

The range of this product is ₹99-450.

LINK:- http://amzn.to/3tqeNGH

5.Multifunctional cable

617P4wiqXjL. SL1011

This is a multifunctional cable with a micro USB, Type c, and lightning cables combined into one. So you can charge three devices at the same time and also you can connect these devices to your laptop and desktop by using this cable.

The range of this product is ₹149-₹500.

LINK:- https://amzn.to/3aeFOpd

4.Mobile ring holder

Metal Mobile Key Ring67474 040719113845

This is very useful for the people who go to crowded places like traveling by bus, going to a fair, etc. This will help you to
hold your phone tightly while calling or some other.

There are many varieties available in the market and online shopping sites.

The range of this product is 99-499.

LINK:- https://bit.ly/3ahAS2J

3.Pandemic key

51tUVjhmEdL. SL1280

The world going through a pandemic, this is the best tool that will help you to open 12 doors, using lift buttons, and operate ATMs without touching them.

This will protect you from germs and covid infection.

The range of this product is ₹150-₹250

LINK:- https://amzn.to/3ag3ZU7

2.Bluetooth speaker


Bluetooth speakers are the best speakers. You can carry wherever you want while traveling, camping,in-home.

The range of this product is ₹400-500.

LINK:- https://amzn.to/32hYXCj


61iSV4oX L. SL1500

The important gadget in our daily life. In the range of ₹500, you can buy a branded earphones with an awesome base
and sound quality.
The best brand will be BOAT you can checkout on online shopping sites.

LINK:- https://amzn.to/2PZbKqL