How to check if facebook leaked your data

Recently hackers hacked about 553 million facebook users data, 32 million from US,11 million from UK and about 6 Million in india. The information includes data such as user locatin,full names,birthdays,email id,phone numbers and password.

Facebook again proved that its platform cannot be trusted in regards to data privacy.

Here you can check whether your email id was hacked or not

1.Go to

2.Enter your email address associated with the facebook account and press enter

3.The result will come it will tell you whether your account’s information is shared or not

If it tells you that your data has been Leaked,update and change them as soon as possible. or you might be at the risk of an identity theft scam, as hackers can use your documents for illegal purposes. Keep changing your passwords to everything every few months. Make sure you keep your documents like passport, driver’s license, and identity documents safe and updated.