How to build a mid-budget productive and gaming PC?

Building your own PC (personal computer) is a most rewarding experience, not because of the satisfaction you can get while building your PC and turning it on. Also, the proud you feel every moment you boot your PC for Productive or Gaming use. Doing your productive work on a machine you built is awesome feeling. Building your own PC can be a way to save money over buying a pre-built computer.

Right now, building a PC might be difficult due to the current market situation. It’s never been harder to find PC components in the market. But the actual problem is availability of Graphic Cards due to Covid-19 supply chain issues or mining of Cryptocurrency with GPU’s. Whether they are out of stock or they are available in many times of their MSRP.

In this guide we will be showing you how to build a mid- budget productive and gaming PC on which you can do your productive work as well as gaming in 1080p with lowest setting. We will build our PC with some future prove components that can help you in future to upgrade.

How to Budget your PC build

Before we start with our PC Build, you’ll need to consider the budget first. It is a key step if you want to keep prices of the components down. You need to consider all the essential components and the ones that are not easy to upgrade in future. There is no point to build a good PC now if your core components are get older or outdated with the current time.

If you want to build your pc within the budget, you don’t need newest components available in the market and pc parts. Older generation motherboard, CPU’s are more cheaper and they are more reliable to last you for long time.

It’s worth spending money on core components during building a PC rather than spending money on more ram, better graphic cards, hard disks and aio liquid cooler because this components can be upgraded in future if required.

So, after knowing how to budget your PC build, our budget for building a mid-budget productive and gaming PC will be some around Rs40k-50k or $534-$668.

What components do we need to build a PC?

Depending on your budget, you’ll need many components to build your productive and gaming  PC. It is important to search before purchasing the components whether it fits and will work together and you don’t want to waste your money on unnecessary things that you don’t need.


The motherboard is the core component of your new productive and gaming PC build. Motherboard works as a base for all the key components and parts as well as it helps to control the system. Each and every device are attach to the motherboard and it allows to computer to function.

As we discuss in above that core components are not the easiest thing to upgrade in future. So, that invest in a good motherboard. A good way to save money and build a PC is to look into previous generation or older model motherboard that also supports latest CPU’s after updating the Bios.

It is very important to look after the specification of the motherboard and than you choose other parts which not only fits but also supports.

For this mid- budget productive and gaming PC build we are using Asus TUF B450M-Pro Gaming motherboard which comes with micro-ATX factor. This motherboard supports DDR4 RAM and this supports dual channel 4x DIMM which simply means 2 sticks of ram works in pair in this motherboard. The Motherboard RAM frequency is 4400Mhz that means the RAM you choose can be equal to 4400Mhz or below 4400Mhz it will work.

 Central Processing Unit (CPU)

We can call Central Processing Unit as a brain that powers your computer. The CPU is the smallest core component in the PC and it is also costly part too. You will need to match the  motherboard to the CPU.

Right Now there are only two CPU manufacturers available in the market- AMD and Intel. These manufacturers manufactures variety of processors in wide range. In order to decide which CPU goes with which motherboard you have to first choose the Manufacturer then make a decision how much money you want to spend.

For this mid-budget productive and gaming PC build we are using a AMD Ryzen5 3400G CPU this is Third Generation AMD processor which comes with integrated Radeon Vega Graphics. This AMD CPU will cost you slightly lower and gives you much better performance. It has AM4 socket type which means you need a motherboard which supports this socket type. This comes with 4 cores & 8 threads and 3.7GHz is a base clock & you can over clock till 4.2GHz. 

It is always possible to upgrade the CPU in future, But only purchase an upgraded CPU having the same socket type. 


Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM is the memory of your PC. It helps the PC to act according to your productive and gaming. The size of RAM is measured in GB (Gigabyte). During a PC build you need minimum 8GB RAM stick to run modern games as well as your productive work you can upgrade the RAM size in future as per your requirements.

There are plenty of RAM manufacturers available in the market to choose. Their are RAM’s which has ARGB lighting features which might look good or attractive but they will charge higher amount. RAM is the easiest thing to upgrade in future. All you need is enough spare slot available in the motherboard and that matches the size,  frequency, model number than only you can upgrade.

For this mid-budget productive and gaming PC build we are using XPG ADATA GAMMIX D30 8*8GB (16GB) two RAM sticks. It has a 3200MHz frequency and you can over clock up to 4600MHz and it has DDR4 memory technology.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

The Power Supply Unit (PSU) provides all necessary power to your mid-budget productive and gaming PC needs. Your PSU has all plugs need to run your components. Don’t take a risk on this part of your PC  because buying a cheap PSU may cause in demise of all your PC components. You need to choose a Power Supply Unit which has enough power to run your PC and its components. An ideal Power Supply Unit can be choose by looking into its certifications and  their supported voltage.

For this mid-budget productive and gaming PC we are using GIGABYTE GP-P450B which has 450 wattage power supply and it is 80 Plus Bronze Certified it indicates its certification. This power supply is enough to make our build productive and gaming ready. 

M.2 NVME Drives

This M.2 NVME drives are newest in the market and sort of easy to install in the PC. It offers intense fast load speed which will ultimately reduce the time you spend on staring at heavy productive applications or gaming load screens.

For this build we are using ADATA XPG GAMMIX S5 512GB M.2 NVME it is 4 times faster than SATA and its Read/ Write speed is up to 2100/1500MB/s. It also comes with inbuild heatsink which is up to 10’C degree due to which it offers enhanced system stability.


Graphic Cards (GPU)

Graphic Cards plays the main key role in playing Games and some heavy applications used by Designers, Architectures and Engineers. New Graphic Cards is released every half yearly or quarterly and those components help you to run every high graphic applications smoothly on high or ultra settings.

This PC components are most expensive ones though you can buy. But you don’t need to purchase the newest Graphic Cards available in the market one with the older generation can also perform well to give you the best quality graphics.

The Graphic Cards are the easiest thing you can upgrade in future as per your requirements. If you build your whole machine futureproof than you can upgrade your GPU every couple of years.

In market there are two Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) manufacturers are available – Nvidia and AMD. They vary in their pricing both has their unique identifications. Before purchasing the Graphic Card you need to know the specifications and your requirements.

For our mid budget PC build we are not using any Graphic Card because of the shortage due to mining of Ethereum and Covid-19 Supply Chain issues. But if you want to add graphic card in your PC build than you can search in the market for the availability of Graphic Cards. Although, to tackle with this situation we are using  integrated APU it means the CPU which has inbuild integrated graphics.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

Solid State Drives can transfer files quickly, as well as load games smoothly in the PC and it also reduce the lag you face during heavy productivity or gaming. SSD’s are vary in size and almost cheap enough to recommend as secondary storage. For our mid-budget productive and gaming PC build we are using Seagate Barracuda Q1 SSD 240GB it provides 30x faster speed than hard drives.

Computer Case

Cabinet are available in plenty of range in different size, color, shapes with many features. The main difference you can see during the PC build is size. Cases are available in full tower, mid tower, ATX, micro-ATX, mini-ITX. For your PC build we will suggest you to go with Full tower, mid-tower and ATX case is good option. These are slightly spacious and allow larger area to work, it provides better airflow and will fit wider range of motherboards.

For our mid-budget productive and gaming PC build we are using Zebronics Zeb-Cronus which is a mid-tower cabinet that supports ATX/micro ATX. It comes with inbuild 4*120mm Rainbow Led Fans, side and front tempered on it which led to give its a minimalist look.

Now, we are done with choosing of our components for our first mid-budget PC build.

Lets, called up once which all components we are using :-

Finally, we have achieved our goal of building a productive and gaming PC within a Mid-budget. You can purchase them all by clicking the above provided links.

Now, the main task is “HOW TO INSTALL ALL THE PC COMPONENTS” to learn this you can watch this Video, Link

You are Ready with your PC Build now, if you want to accessorize them and want ideas than you can read our article on  Gaming Room Ideas: How to create your Ultimate Gaming Setup.