WhatsApp Upcoming features of 2021

Whatsapp is a messaging app that is owned by Facebook and it is used by millions of users worldwide. Whatsapp releases new features every other month to improve the overall user experience.  Last year, WhatsApp launched several features to deal with the spread of fake information and extended participants from group calls to match up with other video calling platforms like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, among others. similarly This year’s whatsapp upcoming features make the app more interesting.



WhatsApp features expected to release in 2021

1. Whatsapp Multi-device support

WhatsApp multi-device support


We all are waiting for this feature desperately. The multi-device support will allow users to use one Whatsapp account on different devices.  The feature is currently in development and has been spotted in the beta version one too many times. Currently, we can use Whatsapp on two devices at one time, on a phone and desktop. The new multi-device support will reportedly allow users to add up to four devices on a single account.

2. WhatsApp logout feature

WhatsApp logout


WhatsApp logout will replace the ‘Delete Account’ button and support the upcoming multi-device feature. As per a report coming from WABetaInfo, this, unlike feature, has been spotted on WhatsApp beta update This option will allow users to log out WhatsApp accounts from their devices, just like we do on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps.

3. Read later feature

WhatsApp read later feature


Read later feature is just like an Archived Chats feature on WhatsApp. WhatsApp won’t send notifications for that chat, Some reports also suggest that the messaging platform could call this feature “vacation mode”. Read later will come with an edit option for users to customize settings. WhatsApp users will also be able to select multiple chats at once to quickly unarchive them.

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Reels on on WhatsApp


social media giant Facebook is looking to create an interconnection between its platforms for a seamless experience for users. so Instagram reels integration make one step closer to WhatsApp’s integration plan with other Facebook-owned apps. This feature will allow users to watch Instagram reels directly on WhatsApp.

5. WhatsApp audio message speed and disappearing images

Whatsapp audio feature


WhatsApp is working on a new audio message feature. This will allow users to control the play speed of the audio messages. Users will be able to play the audio files at 1.5x or 2x speeds, per a report by WABetaInfo.

As for the disappearing images feature, it will be similar to the WhatsApp self-destruction message. The WhatsApp self-destructing photo feature is currently in work and is likely to roll out on both Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp via a future update.

6. WhatsApp Insurance feature

WhatsApp Insurance


This feature will allow users to buy insurance through WhatsApp. WhatsApp is set to roll out health insurance and micro-pension products on its messaging platform in India through tie-ups with licensed financial services players. WhatsApp will sell SBI General sachet-health insurance cover and HDFC Pension schemes.

These features are expected to be released soon or maybe at the end of 2021. These WhatsApp upcoming features will make the user experience so much better.

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