Everything You Should Know About Upcoming Battleground Mobile India (Leaks!!)

On September 2, 2020 PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND has been banned along with 118 other Chinese apps. Due to some privacy policies Government of India banned one of the most popular E-sports game in India.

Now after 9 months KRAFTON the developer of PUBG has came with an alternative of PUBG named BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI). The game will come with similar gameplay and looks as compare to the previous one.

The Indian Players can pre-register themselves to this new game on 18th May 2021 in Play Store . The launch date is not disclose till now by the OFFICIALS. But as per leaks the game can be seen on 8 JUNE.

Everything you should know about BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA

  • According to famous E-sports Player Abhijeet Andhare aka Ghatak, players will get their old inventories on BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.
  • The BGMI will be available only to Indian users. For Indian Players tournaments will be held specifically regional wise and will rewarded the winning TEAM with Huge Prize Pool.
  • As per KRAFTON: “Your personal information will be stored and processed on servers located in Indian and Singapore. during the transfer of information to another country or region, we will take steps ensure that your information receives the same level of protection as if it remained in India”.
  • Players under 18 years of age will not able to play the Battle Royal Game more than 3 hours a day and they have to provide their parents number. The in game spending restrictions for such players has been set Rs7000 a day.
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India’s upcoming eco-system will give a huge boost to the Indian E-sports scene. this will give the opportunities to the new talents of the country.
  • As per the Officials announcements, the game is supposed to offer a world class AAA multiplayer experience on mobile. Battlegrounds Mobile India will get exclusive in game features like events and outfits.

Maps, Modes and Leaks

As per the leaks and sources we can say that the Maps will be same as available in PUBG Mobile. If you notice to the released Posters by the OFFICIALS you can see Sanhok and Miramar map on it.



The Battleground Mobile India states that it will comprise 100 players in classic mode, 4v4 TDM, arcade mode, zombie mode, library mode etc. Apart from this, the game will come with monthly New seasons and RP’s and will also have events, challenges.

However, the game is as same as the previous game PUBG but the only difference is it comes with New Privacy Policies.

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