TOP 5 Best photo editing apps for Android and iOS.

Everyone can shoot a photo with just a phone. But still you need a Best photo editing apps to polish the photos then upload them on your social sites. Photographers are always looking to capture a perfect picture where ever they go. Nowadays, smartphones are offering great camera to capture high-resolution photos. Photographers are increasingly using smartphones to click high-quality images.

There are so many free and paid photo editing apps available that lets you edit, and enhance images better on your mobile phones. What are the Best Photo editing apps for you? In this article, we are going to recommend you the Best photo editing apps for iPhone and Android.

Best photo editing apps   VSCO

VSCO is one of the hugely popular app for editing amongst users. VSCO also offers a community for photographs to connect and create. Simply searching the #VSCO on Instagram you can see 200 million post by photographers and casual users. There are 10 pre-filter available in VSCO that makes your phone shoot photos look like they were captured in film. In VSCO tools are available which are required to edit photos and videos like saturation, highlights, temperature, vignette and grain which adds texture to photos. VSCO has built in camera which allows the users to shot the perfect picture, edit and save without leaving the app.

VSCO screens


snapseed editing app   Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo editing app which is developed by Google. This app offers to work on both JPG and RAW files which makes it more powerful and useful tool for professional photographers. Through this app a smartphone is also capable to shoot raw photos and edit them.  Snapseed offers their users 29 tools and features to edit their photos by removing the element, enhance images with incredible precision, adjust the geometry of the buildings. But it doesn’t have all the features and functionalities that most of the editing apps offers.

snapseed screen


Lightroom best photo editing apps   Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is one of the Best photo editing app for professional photographers and editors. Adobe has developed Lightroom and it remains a industry standard for professional photographers. In this application you can shoot Raw images with its built-in-camera feature through smartphone and edit them. You can edit exposure, aperture, hue, saturation, shadows and other manual features. App also offers such premium features on In-app purchase like healing brush, selective adjustments, cloud storage and more. You can’t find any stickers, animations or emoji here  like other editing apps.

Lightroom sceen


PicsArt Best photo editing app    PicsArt

PicsArt is one of the most popular Best editing app over Playstore and App store with 500 million installs. PicsArt can be used in 30 languages. PicsArt can be used for casual editing or for professional editing it is fun to use. The app has built-in camera, video editor, collage maker, clipart library and more. The app offers huge range of editing tools form basic adjustments like contrast and exposure, cinametic color grading and preset filters that turns your images into painting like pieces of art. There are lot of options available for skin tones, shape of your face, text, stretch and clone tool. In-app purchase the user can unlock other premium features like access to unlimited stickers, frames, animations and other features.

Prisma Best photo editing app    Prisma

Prisma was popular for its presets filter among casual users. Prisma is mainly used for transform images into often bizarre artistic creations it doesn’t deal with image correction or subtle filters. It adjust the hue, saturation and color balance, etc. This app changes the look of the image with many different art styles to choose from and many filters are inspired by artist such as Picaso and Salvador Dali. The filters are attractive and eye catchy while the user can tweak them little bit not every filter suits every image so choose them wisely.

The above list of editing apps are our top picks for editing the images. All this apps are personally used by us and we like their interface and they all are easy to use as well as understand.

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