10 ways to boost your Wi-Fi speed within 15 minutes

In this modern world Wi-Fi is a basic utility and everyone wants a boosted Wi-Fi speed. Wi-Fi speed that you don’t notice much until the movie you are watching or a meeting that you had to join starts loading, that’s the time when you get irritated and start finding the ways to boost your Wi-Fi speed.

If you don’t get the internet speed that you pay for, your router signal or your internet service provider(ISP)is probably the reason, no one likes slow Wi-Fi. So, you had to boost your Wi-Fi speed. Here we are to suggest you 10 ways that can help you to boost your Wi-Fi speed.

1. Turn things off and on again

On & Off Wi-Fi to boost your Wi-Fi speed

Once in a week or in a month Do it to your router, Do it to your device you have connected to Wi-Fi, Do it to your modem. Every technology needs break once. It may sounds simple, but turning off and on your router or modem can boost your Wi-Fi speed. Just like computer or our other technologies sudden issues can be fixed through turning it off and on, rebooting your wireless router can also alleviate internet connection problems and boost your speed.

It is recommended that router can be beneficial from a quick reset to clear its memory or cache and give its a fresh start were it is bogging down before resetting.

2. Place your router in an open spot

The speed of your Wi-Fi  can be affected by obstacles or distance ( such as ceiling, walls, floors, appliances and furniture). They speed off your Wi-Fi can also get interrupted by radio waves form other devices including smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, microwaves. For the best signal and the speed put your Wi-Fi router in open, in the main floor of your house, way from walls and any obstruction. It can be a bad idea to place your router in basement, or closet through this you can face connectivity issues. To check where the dead spot is around your house you can use mobile apps like CloudCheck to identify the spot So, that it will helps in place your router in good place.

3. Adjust your Wi-Fi antennas

Many of the Wi-Fi routers has external antennas to adjust so that they can work properly. The best way to boost your Wi-Fi signals is to angle the Wi-Fi antennas in right direction. The router antennas are omni-directional it means they sends the signals in all directions in perpendicular to the antenna. In simple words if you put your WI-FI antenna in vertical angle than it will send the signals in horizontal direction or vice versa.

The recommend angle is angling one antenna to vertical so Wi-Fi signals travel directly walls to walls and one antenna to horizontal angle so Wi-Fi signals can travel from ceiling to other floors.

4. Choose a new Wi-Fi channel

dual banned channel for boost Wi-Fi speed

Now, a days modern Wi-Fi routers comes with dual band technology or on two radio frequency 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ to boost the speed of your internet. 2.4 GHZ channel is old radio frequency and used for Wi-Fi since the beginning. Due to its long range and old frequency ton of wireless devices supports it So, the airway of this radio frequency is little bit crowded and it has less max speed that’s why you get less speed.

We recommend you to shift on 5 GHz radio frequency if your Wi-Fi router has in-built. In this channel the traffic is less due to which the max speed is more than 2.4 GHZ channel But the range is not so long as compare to 2.4 GHZ. 5GHZ band connection is best for Gaming consoles, Smartphones, Laptops or Computers and Television.

5. Limit the devices

Wi-Fi connected to boost Wi-Fi speed

Streaming movies, Playing online games, video chats, online meetings take a lot of  bandwidth or if many devices are connected to your network it can also take a lot bandwidth which may cause in slower down your internet speed. Sometimes there are few installed apps in your devices who use internet in background. One of the simplest way to boost your Wi-Fi speed is to prioritize the devices connected to the network or you can also change your Wi-Fi password. Some routers has Quality of Service which lets you control the apps to access the internet bandwidth according to your priority.

Another way to prioritize your devices connected to your network is by prioritizing the access of your channels. For e.g. If your router has dual band channel 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ than through using the router’s application you get the option to insert 2 passwords or name to differentiate the channels. Now you can switch in two different channels easily.

6. Use current Wi-Fi technologies

use Wi-Fi6 to boost your Wi-Fi speed

In this modern world The technologies are changing rapidly. The best way to speed up your internet connection is to upgrade in latest hardware. Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) is the latest wireless technology in the decade with lower latency, faster speed, greater capacity in PC’s , Laptops and smartphones. Older technologies are lower in performance like Wireless -AC (802.11 ac) are still in most smartphones and other devices, Wireless -N (802.11).

Newer Wireless-AC routers offers data transfer speed upto 3 times faster than the old Wireless versions (B/G/N) and they offer dual band channels so that you can access form one channel to another easily. New Wi-FI 6 have date transfer speed upto 3 times than the older Wi-Fi 5. The newer one have improved responsiveness and gigabit speed.

7. Update routers  firmware

upgrade routers firmware to boost Wi-Fi speed

Nowadays, most of the routers manufacturing companies have their own applications from where the user can easily access to its router’s settings. For eg. Tenda , Netgear, D-link,  TP-Link supports their applications from where the user can get the notifications related to the  firmware updates. Updating the router keeps it as secure as possible and up to date with the latest software fixes for known problems.

Most of the routers update itself automatically But if your router don’t supports than we will recommend you to check the available firmware update periodically to make sure your routers speeds your internet.

8. Replace your equipment with newer one

new router can boost Wi-Fi speed

The biggest issue can be in your ageing or older router due to which you are not getting adequate speed on your internet. The older or up-of-date equipment can slow down your whole network and it may cause to your work.

We will recommend you to replace or change your Router and invest your hard earn money on Good router that will boost your Wi-Fi speed. Buying your own modern technology Modem or Router will offers you more control over the features, speeds and security of your network. There are plenty of options available in the market for Modem and Routers.

We have suggested you few options with their buying links: ASUS AX3000, TP-Link WiFi 6 AX1500, Tenda AC10

9. Use a wireless range extender

range extender to boost Wi-Fi speed

Usage of a Good Wi-Fi range extender will help you to boost your signal to dead spot of your house or office. While using range extender it may not speed up the  connection. The advantage is that wireless range extender are less likely to limit the bandwidth than Wi-Fi repeaters.

There are different devices available in the market to increase the range of your Wi-Fi signals:

  • The use of Wi-Fi booster is to extend the Wi-Fi network coverage space by boosting or amplifying the existing signals.
  • The Wired access points connects to a router via Ethernet cable and projects a Wi-Fi signals to dead spot areas of your house.
  • Powerline Ethernet kit comes with two devices- you have to connect one device with your router via ethernet cable and plug it into a power outlet. Then you can plug in the second device where you want better Wi-Fi signals.

10. Upgrade to faster internet

boost your Wi-Fi speed


We hope all this ways helps you to boost your Wi-Fi speed. Sometimes it may happen that your internet connection speed is too slow to sustain your internet consumption. In this case you should upgrade your internet plan to a faster internet plan according to your need to get better internet speed.

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