Best online money earning websites in India

In today’s digital world there are many opportunities to earn money, there are many money earning websites that give money based on individual skills. Earning money on the internet is an awesome idea, but you must know about the genuine platform for it.

Many moneyearning websites promises 1000 to 10000 per day but it depends on you how you do your work basically it is not as easy as you believe. In reality, it takes your effort and hard work to earn money online. We will tell you the best money earning websites on the internet which are genuine.

Here is the list of best money earning websites



Fiverr is one of the oldest freelancer money earning website in which you can provide paid services to customers like data entry, web designing, logo design, graphic design, etc.

To use this website you just have to sign up with your qualifications and what services you can provide to buyers. This website is absolutely free but they’ll charge a little commission from your income.

You can set your working hours and you can set different levels of prices in early delivery, extra work or  ‘bolt-ons for your services.


Upwork money earning website

Upwork is the biggest marketplace for freelancing and one of the best money earning website.

One of the simple websites, you just have to search any kind of on from different categories like Writing and Translation to Web Design and Programming.

Basically, People just post jobs they want to do on the website and you just have to submit your resume. It’s just simple. The jobs are trustworthy. You can use this website free-minded without any fear of fraud.

The money you want to make, the limit is endless. People are making 73000 to 73,00000 from freelancing on this website


freelancer money earning website

Freelancer website is like Upwork but you have to pay for membership in freelancer. There are no shortage of jobs on this site and everything depends on your skills and abilities. It has more reliable jobs than any other source.

This plays into the hands of people posting projects, as it shows you’re committed and established, but it doesn’t really help you if you’re just getting started.


chegg subject matter expert

Chegg is one of the genuine money earning website to earn money online all over the globe. You can apply online and you can work when you’re free.

Students send you questions and you just have to answer those questions. And don’t worry you will get a chance to get a subject of your interest. Basically, it’s a teacher kind of job, if you have any interest in teaching you should go for it.

There many other options if you have an interest in teaching. You can start your own Youtube channel. You can teach on other teaching platforms like Unacademy, Vedantu.


shutterstock money making website

Shutterstock is a photography website. If you have an interest in photography then this money earning website is for you. You register on the website and there you go. You just have to pay the membership fees.

The platform is easy to earn money, just upload the photos from your collection. You will get the copyright on your photos so no one can steal your photos. For every download on your stock of photos gets, you receive points or royalty, which results in an increase in your profit.

6. Zirtual

Zirtual money earning website

The demand for virtual assistants has been on the rise in India. In today’s busy world, most of entrepreneurs don’t have time for every meeting and they have a very tight schedule. Hiring a full-time assistant is may not be cost-effective or necessary in some cases.

Zirtual looks to connect those who are looking for virtual assistants to candidates looking for opportunities. However, the work you get depends on your abilities and skills. The major responsibilities of virtual assistants check the day-to-day schedule, maintaining social media accounts, etc. This will help you to earn money and useful skills.


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