10 tips to increase smartphone performance

Now a days smartphones are part of our life and we don’t want any lagging issue on our smartphone performance. There are many tips and tricks to increase smartphone performance. As it is very obvious that the performance of your smartphone will start slowing down after usage for some time.

Smartphones are used to have lighter operating system to run and perform on the go without any laggyness. Other than this we have 10 tips on How to increase smartphone performance within 15 minutes. Without going to any service center you can boost your smartphone performance any time.

 Know your device

know your device to increase smartphone performance

It is very important to know the capabilities and drawbacks of your smartphone. Don’t use such harmful apps which overburden your device that can degrade your smartphone performance. There are many applications available in the Goggle Playstore or dark web which can harm your smartphone performance. So, our recommendation will be to avoid such applications to increase smartphone performance.

 Update your phone

update your device to increase smartphone performance

First and foremost, is to keep up to date your phone’s firmware. If you haven’t updated yours phone’s operating system with latest android or iOS version you should do it as earlier it comes to your smartphone. The latest Firmware will fix all the bugs or the patches, updates with new UI skin. Both android or iOS brings great improvements in their updates that ensures stability, higher performance speed and connectivity along with some new and cool features. Any of these updates can help you to increase smartphone performance.

 Remove Unwanted Apps

remove unwanted apps to increase smartphone performance

In your smartphone there will be many apps which you don’t use but installed in your smartphone which is taking some space in your phone and may be runs some background processes and also add data usage. The unwanted apps occupies storage space on your phone or running more background processes which will lead you in slowing down your smartphone performance.

So, our recommendation will be that don’t install such apps you hardly use. Keep only those apps you use in daily basis or use twice or thrice a week. Other than this you can uninstall or disable other unnecessary apps to increase smartphone performance.

 Update Apps

update apps to increase smartphone performance

To boost your smartphone performance it is necessary to update apps that you are using in your smartphone. To search available updates of your installed apps you can search in Google Play Store or App Store. Developers of the application fix all the bugs and patches and adds improved features with much more stability in newer version of apps. Updated application performs better and faster than the older version which will less laggy. Thus, it increase smartphone performance.

Use High Speed Memory Card

use higher memory card to increase smartphone performance

In this new generation smartphones the brand don’t provide any additional external storage space option to extend the storage space of the phone. Because it can reduce the speed and performance of the Smartphone. If in case you are using older generation smartphone than you may need to extend the storage and for that you have to add an external memory card to extend the storage space of the phone.

Before adding external memory card keep this in your mind that the read and write speed of your memory card should be same So, that it can function well with the phone’s storage memory. To do So, our recommendation will be to use Class 6 or Class 10 type memory card which will indirectly help you to increase smartphone performance.

Keep Fewer Widgets

keep few widgets to increase smartphone performance

As we know Widgets are not apps, which only runs once when you choose them to activate. People adds widgets to their phones home screen to keep a track of some information like Weather, Important Dates or for quick access for eg. Music Controler, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Where as few peoples believe that widgets can add beauty to their smartphone.

We know that widgets are useful for many users. But keep this in mind that having or adding to many widgets to your home screen will cause in slowing down of your smartphones performance.

So, we will suggest you to keep fewer widgets on your home screen to increase smartphone performance.

Reduce Animations

reduce animation to increase smartphone performance

If you have notice when transition occurs during switching between apps and screen. If you haven’t than to see this action Go to Settings > Developer Options > Windows Animation Scale > Animation scale 10x. Now click on Window Animation scale again to see the effect.

This is trick to do. Well this won’t actually speed up your smartphone’s performance, but reducing the transition speed between apps and screen makes everything seems faster.

To make this change Go to Settings > Developer Options > Windows Animation Scale (Off) > Transition Animation scale (Off) and if in case you are not getting where the Developer Option is than tap Build Number option seven times the Developer option will appear. This trick can help you to increase smartphone performance.

Avoid Live Wallpapers

live wallpaper

Many peoples love live wallpapers on their smartphone. Phone manufacturers from different brands add live wallpapers to their smartphone considering the size and how much CPU it will use during on screen. But the users should aware that badly made live wallpapers will use more CPU cycles to run.

Thus, whenever you activate the homescreen you are not only using apps but also your live wallpaper which will cause you in fast battery drainage. So, we will recommend you guys not to download any live wallpapers from external sources or using any wallpaper apps.

Go for only pre-installed live wallpapers from manufacturing brands coz they are tried and tested OR try not to use live wallpapers to increase smartphone performance and to improve battery capacity.

  Clearing Cached Data

clear cache data to increase smartphone performance

What is Cached Data? Cached data is the information which is stored in the device after you login to apps or websites in your smartphones. Cached data help the users to boot up their apps and website quickly. Cached data improves your online experience through reducing the load time of the website or app which seems like your smartphone is working faster.

OR in other words, Whenever user browse through internet and visits various websites, your browser saves several data or media in temporary storage. This temporary storage is known as “Cache”.

But it also have a negative impact if cache takes unnecessary space on your device. For those apps you are not using or uninstalled than you can clear the cache data individually Go to Settings > App Info > Storage > Clear Cache.

Stop Syncing

stop synchronizing to increase smartphone performance

Synchronizing your data is a good feature in modern smartphones now a days. It behaves pretty well in most situations. Sometimes you may have noticed during downloading or installing new apps your phone slower down the process.

Something similarly occurs all the time behind scenes when your installed apps sync. When you go to your settings you find the option “Automatically Sync Data”. You might not want to turn this option off, But by selecting individual apps from the list you can prioritize your apps according to your usage and that you want to sync . Thus, it can increase smartphone performance.

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