How to watch blocked YouTube videos

In this blog, we are going to tell you the easiest way to watch blocked youtube videos. YouTube is the biggest’s video-sharing platform and has millions of daily users. As a youtube user, sometimes you might find that you can’t watch a video because the video may be private or it’s not available in your country.

How to watch blocked youtube video

So to know how to watch blocked YouTube videos, we have all the answers right here. According to YouTube Help, certain YouTube videos get blocked in your country for two reasons:

  • Video channels can choose to make their content available only to certain countries (usually due to licensing rights) or
  • YouTube may have blocked specific content in order to comply with local laws.
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Ways to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos

1.Change YouTube video URL

The first and the easiest way to watch blocked youtube videos is to change your video URL. YouTube uses your computer IP address to determine your physical location/country. To bypass these country-specific restrictions on YouTube, try this trick-

If the blocked YouTube video URL is:

You need to replace “watch?v=” with “v/”, and the YouTube video URL becomes

2.Proxy Server

proxy server watch blocked youtube videos

Since YouTube blocked specific content in some countries, users can change their location to bypass YouTube’s regional filter. In order to how to watch blocked youtube videos, a proxy server helps to hide your current location to avoid YouTube blocking some specific videos in your country.

A proxy acts as an intermediary between clients sending requests and servers responding. To protect your privacy and watch blocked YouTube videos, a proxy server is an excellent tool. However, your internet might get slow and doesn’t encrypt your activity.



Sometimes a proxy server does not encrypt your traffic which could leak your information when you browse websites. VPN or Virtual Private Network is one of the best way to watch blocked YouTube videos. VPN helps you access the web privately. It can unblock the YouTube video that you want to watch. It will change your IP address and connect your internet to a different IP address. In fact, a VPN will let you pick the location from where you want to appear.

There is plenty of free VPN available on the internet and you will need to download and install one before trying this option. You can use Secure VPN for your phone and Proton VPN for your laptop/PC.

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4.Smart DNS


Smart DNS will change your location by redirecting your traffic through different servers just the way proxies and VPN do. however, there is no encryption and so connections via Smart DNS networks are always faster.

It requires you to change the address of the Internet either manually or with the help of third-party programs. This way, DNS service will think that it has access of countries or regions online content you like to view.

5. Download Youtube Video

Youtube video downloader

The last and easiest way to watch blocked youtube videos if any video content is blocked in your country. This is the safest way to watch the blocked video. There are many websites that help us to download youtube videos. And web browsers also available which can help to download videos. You just have to paste the link and download it. The video will be saved on your phone or PC.


When your favorite YouTube channel uploads a new video today, you get depressed after finding you can’t play the video and receive the error message:  “The uploader has not made this video available in your country”. The above tricks are not legal but these are best for your privacy. You’re not doing anything wrong, you just want to watch the youtube video that you are desiring to watch.

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