Apple iWatch series 7: Everything we know so far.

As the Apple iWatch 6 was the last smartwatch from the Cupertino tech giant, it makes sense that the next will probably be the Apple iWatch 7. However, the story is going to be different this year. The upcoming Apple iWatch Series 7 is rumored to introduce a significant upgrade both in terms of design and performance enhancements. So here we are to talk about all the leaks and rumors, to catch up with Apple Watch Series 7 new features, exciting leaks, and more.

Apple iWatch series 7 Release date

Previous year Apple took very difficult decision of splitting the launch of Apple iWatch series6 and Apple iPhone 12. where the iWatch series 6 arrived in mid-September and Apple iPhone 12 arrived in October. The circumstances of 2020 was different as we know But, we are expecting that Apple will return to their usual mid-September hardware cycle launch.

If Apple Company follows their long-running traditions, Then the all new Apple iWatch series 7 and Apple iPhone 13 series will launch on much awaited hardware event in mid-September. Just like its predecessor Apple iWatch 7 will be available in few countries around the countries.

Apple iWatch series 7 pricing

Apple sometimes surprise there users with their pricing and from past few years they kept the pricing of iWatch steady. We don’t see any big reason for not upholding the pricing of iWatch 7 this year. although there is no price leaks from any leakers. But we are just assuming that Apple iWatch 7 is likely to carry the price tag of $399 (Rs40,900) for entry level Wi-Fi model watch, While the top-end variant with Wi-Fi + cellular will come with the pricing of $500 or above.

Apple iWatch series 7 features

Brand new design

apple iwatch 7 series
Source- Jon Prosser

The new Apple iWatch Series 7 sports much flatter sides that give the Apple Watch not only a more modern look but make it look like the iPhone 12 series, iPad Pro, and M1-backed iMac as well. Though the display size is likely to remain the same, leaks suggest that Apple will introduce a new green color option.

Apple last increased the display from 38mm and 42mm to 40mm and 44mm with the Series 4. It’s possible that Apple could increase the screen size gain by trimming the bezels further and adding a millimeter or two.

MicroLED Display or Not ?

apple iwatch 7 microled

As for the display, there have been various whispers that Apple is looking to switch from OLED screens on its devices to micro-LED ones. Some but not all of these reports mention the Apple Watch as a possible candidate.
Micro-LED has the potential to both improve image quality and reduce battery consumption, so it would be a desirable change. However, a DigiTimes report suggests this change is still years away.

Apple iWatch OS

apple iwatch os8

We know the Apple Watch 7 will run WatchOS 8, and that’s now been announced, so we know what to expect there.
Highlights include a new Mindfulness app, the addition of Tai Chi and Pilates to the Workout app, the ability to track respiratory rate while you sleep, and a redesigned Photos app.

S7 Processor

As for those wondering, will Apple increase the RAM or storage capacity on the upcoming Apple Watch? Well, there is no clarity about it right now. Considering the giant bumps up the storage and RAM capacity every 2 to 3 years, we guess this year’s Apple Watch may have more RAM and higher storage capacity.

If our prediction turns out to be right, the lower-end models may have 1GB RAM and 32GB storage. The top-tier variants may have 2GB RAM and 64GB storage.

Swim tracking feature

Apple iwatch swim tracker

We’ve also heard rumors of new swim tracking features – though what form they would take and whether they would be exclusive to the rumored rugged model is unclear.One new health feature meanwhile could be a glucometer, used to measure blood sugar levels.

Touch ID Support

apple iwatch touch id

There are also rumours about increase in the battery life but it’s still not clear.
There is possibility of a Touch ID fingerprint scanner being added to a future Apple Watch. In fact,there are also some rumours about a Touch ID scanner built into the home button and an under-display camera that’s invisible when it’s not in use.

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