Onplus 9t: Leaks and Renders

Oneplus is introducing their new smartphone OnePlus 9t which will be an upgrade from the last model of this series.
The OnePlus 9t is set to come as the successor to the OnePlus 8t that launched last year and is expected to debut next month. Here we are with all the rumors going on and the leaked features of the OnePlus 9t.

Oneplus 9t price and release date

There is no official statement or announcement on Oneplus 9t launch date. But we are expecting that it can be launch in Q3 (July-Sept) in INDIA. And don’t be surprised if they launch early or a few weeks later because Oneplus is not so consistent with their launch months. As Oneplus 8t was launched on October 14. Whenever Oneplus will launch their all-new flagship Oneplus 9t, We will able to register on Amazon to purchase it.

Oneplus 9t

Talking about the price of Oneplus smartphones now they are not flagship killers they became Flagship. And their prices are consistently going up. As for the price there is no leaks or renders but we are assuming that it can be launch at the price of Rs 44,999.

We are not expecting any Oneplus 9t Pro Since Oneplus didn’t launch any Oneplus 8t Pro But there was Oneplus 7t Pro. If Oneplus launch 9t Pro then the pricing can be similar to the Oneplus 9 Pro.

Oneplus 9t leaks and renders

So, far we don’t have any confirmed news from Oneplus officials. But Yes, we are sure that it will be the best from the previous Oneplus Smartphone “Oneplus 9”. The Specifications will be interesting to look forward to.

We have few leaks on Oneplus 9t from Indian and Foreign country leakers As they gave us a hint that 9t will be having Samsung E4 Amoled 120Hz LTPO display with 1080×2400 pixels resolution. It may come with Snapdragon 888 plus if Qualcomm launches SOC 888+ otherwise they will use previous Year Chipset Snapdragon 888 like Oneplus 9.

As we all know that Oneplus has signed a contract with Hasselblad and this is the reason that all Oneplus Smartphone Cameras will be optimized by Hasselblad for 3 Years. So, yes all new Oneplus 9t Cameras will be optimized by the Hasselblad. It will also feature 108MP Camera. Other than this we can expect little changes and tweaks on their Designs and Camera setup.

Oneplus has announced that they are merging their business with Smartphone manufacturers OPPO. That means we can see Onplus using ColorOS software rather than using their own OxygenOS.

Oneplus 9t with ColorOS 11 HOW it will look like? It will be interesting to see.

What we want to see in Upcoming Oneplus 9t.

A longer telephoto camera range

In Oneplus 9 we didn’t seen any telephoto camera at all, And in Oneplus 9 Pro we have seen telephoto camera which tops out at 3.3x Optical Zoom which is not bad but it was too short as compare to the competitors like Samsung S21 features 10x Optical Zoom, even Mi 11 also offers 5x Optical Zoom.

So, for Oneplus 9t we are want to see a good telephoto camera with good range. In all the models, we would love to see Oneplus offering at least 5x Optical Zoom.

A good macro camera

While we are discussing about camera we would love to see Oneplus offering a dedicated macro camera in Oneplus 9t models.

As we have seen ultra wide snapper on the Oneplus 9 models doing a reasonably good job in macro camera shots. But as like the competitors Xiaomi Mi 11 and Oppo Find X3 Pro we have seen great macro shots and dedicated macro lenses on the phones. So, we want to see Oneplus joining that club.

Better battery life

In this area we are not expecting or want any big improvements in battery life. And this is definitely true that Oneplus 9 models lasts a day and I feel its a fair battery life but it will be great to see improvements in Battery performance.

One improvement that can be easy to make is installing a bigger size battery in the smartphone. Since 4,500mAh battery is not a huge in Oneplus 9 like the ROG 5 which offers 6,000mAh battery. But we hope Oneplus works on it and comes with good results in 9t models.

IP68 Rating on all models

We would love to see Oneplus offering IP68 ratings on their Smartphones. As we have seen Oneplus 9 Pro handsets offer an IP68 rating which is a level of ratings on Mobile phone Waterproofing. And this rating is offered by High-End flagships Like Samsung s21, s21 Ultra, Apple iPhone 12 range, and many smartphones come with IP ratings.

So for Oneplus 9t, Yes we want IP ratings to be offered in all the 9t ranges. As it will be a pleasure feature to have.

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