7 Underrated apps available for Android and iOS

There are plenty of applications available in Google Play Store and App store. Many of them are popular and some of them are Underrated. But they are having secret and hidden features to offer. 3749 applications are uploaded daily in Play Store and App store. From them few survive to make their way into people’s everyday life.

So, here we are with a list of 7 Underrated apps available for Android & iOS.



NewPipe is a free and open-source media player app for Android devices that is best known as an unofficial YouTube client. NewPipe does not use any Google framework libraries. Therefore this app can be used on devices without Google Services installed. It can be used as an alternative to the official YouTube app.

‌You can Search any video in NewPipe. There is No Login Required to see any video Display general information about videos NewPipe has Popup mode (floating player). You can easily Download videos and audios.

Click to this link to download :- New Pipe

Hence, due to its secret and hidden features which can help you to see Youtube videos. New Pipe app is able to make its place to our List of 7 Underrated apps available for Android & iOS.

Phone call free

Phone call free

Phone call free App is a free program for Android that belongs to the category of Social-communication, and has been developed by Hotspot VPN Proxy Security. This program is available in English. You can call anywhere in the world free of cost you should just have WiFi.
It’s a highly recommended app in any situation where you need to make an important phone call even when services are down. The app has secret and hidden features to offer to there users.

Click to this link to download :- Phone Call Free – Global WiFi Calling App

Hence due to its awesome features Phone Call Free app makes its place to the list of 7 underrated apps available for Android & iOS.



Every Android have an unlock password or pin in it. But while receiving a call you just have to pick it up which allows others to answer your calls without any permission from you so to lock your calls Couchgram is the app you need.
Couchgram allows you to protect your phone and your privacy at the same time. You can lock and password protect numerous things from your calls and texts to your photos and phone settings.

‌You can lock up certain functions while leaving other functions open.
‌Hide calls and messages from a certain person while allowing all others to come through without hindrance.

Click to this link to Download :- Couchgram, Incoming call lock & App lock

With all this secret and hidden features the app makes it place to our list of 7 underrated apps available for Android & iOS.

Go Cut


Today’s young people are always creative and very involved in capturing each and every moment of their life thorough their photography or video recording skills. However, just with creativity is not enough. They will need professional applications to improvise their work and stimulate their ability to work. The application has secret and hidden features to offer like a flexible and dynamic interface suitable for the youth’s excitement, it has all the bright colors, and neat designs. The app’s layout is user-friendly, and users can easily access all the app’s features with simple gestures. Users can even personalize the interface by changing the colors, designing, and customizing the interface to suit their usage style.

‌The main contents are all Neon-style, glitch, and many other retro-elements that users can use for photos or videos.
‌The editor tool of this app adapts all photo or video formats, saving time converting between each format.
‌The photo editing mechanism is simple and user-friendly and comes with simple tools for basic editing users.
‌It also have a music library with all popular songs globally, and they all come in many different styles or genres. 
‌It have multi-layer editing, efficiency, and convenience, helping users work and edit their work more efficiently.

Click to this link to Download :- Go Cut- Glowing Effect Video Editor

With all this amazing features for user the app makes it place to the list of 7 underrated apps for Android & iOS.

Thop TV


Everyone enjoys watching movies, series, TV shows. Now, we can watch any movie or show anytime and anywhere. Thanks to the different online streaming services. However, the only drawback to these services is they cost money! For most people, they can’t afford to pay a monthly subscription to the streaming services since they only earn a minimum wage. And for some, this is a luxury. If you’re one of the people, who don’t want to pay for any streaming services you can watch any movies and tv shows now all thanks to Thop TV. This revolutionary app allows you to watch countless movies and TV shows from around the globe all from your smartphone!

‌There are so many sports channels sports like cricket, football, badminton, basketball, volleyball, tennis and more all are there on this app. This app have every TV channels on which you can watch any TV show.‌ This app have an ability to fully HD streaming.‌ You can make your favourites list on Thop TV app.

Click this link to download the App :- Thop Tv

Hence, with all these secret and hidden features in one App. It deserves to be in the List of 7 underrated apps for Android & iOS.

Firefox Focus

Firefox focus

Firefox Focus gives you a dedicated privacy browser with tracking protection and content blocking. You can use Firefox Focus as a content blocker for Safari on supported iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.
Firefox Focus easily erases your browsing history, passwords, bookmarks and cookies and prevent unwanted ads from following you.
Whenever you want a private tracker-free experience, install Firefox Focus .It is easy to use.

‌Firefox Focus brings added privacy by allowing you to block website trackers
‌Firefox Focus works like any other browser you just have to tap the Erase button on the top right to delete your cookies, search, passwords, and browsing history. If you get stuck you can use help option which is available on the app.
‌Webpages load much faster when online trackers and ads aren’t slowing them down.

Click the link to Download the app :- Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus app makes its place to our list of 7 underrated apps available for Android & iOS with their secret and hidden features.



Colorize is an Android app you can use to colorize images for free. It converts black and white pictures into realistic color photos. It is a full of secret and hidden features package.
The app is very simple: you upload the photo you’d like to colorize and you wait for the app to convert your photo.
Colorize is an user-friendly app and you don’t need any training for using it.
Colorize is the best stand out app as the tool uses an advanced AI algorithm and ensures the best quality outcomes.

‌You can colorize the black and white photos on your mobile phones very easily.
‌It’s a great app to unblur and sharpen your old blurry pictures and it makes your old photo new and bright
‌This app also includes powerful retouching technology to detect your face and retouch for better looking.

Click the link to use the features of the app :- Colorize

Due, to its amazing features it makes its place in our list of 7 underrated apps.

Give a try to all these apps once to check their hidden features. Hope you guys like the choice of ours in this list.

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