10 best SMS bomber apps and websites in 2021

Ever want to prank your friend then this blog is for you. We will tell you the best SMS bomber apps and websites that can help you do a prank. The SMS bomber is a kind of software allowing you to send SMS to a specific person(s) at a higher frequency than normal.

The content can be repeated or non-repeated, but the purpose could be, either malicious or non-malicious purpose – the previous one is quite obviously not safe and not allowed by law, while the latter one can be. The non-malicious purposes could be, for example, express your feeling or pay court to a girl. If you talk about the safety of using the SMS bomber.

What is SMS bomber ?

SMS Bomber is an application by using it you can send unlimited messages with a special number. The messages will be automatically sent to the targeted phone number. You can see the interface of such a kind of SMS bomber app.

sms bomber website

You can’t send your desired messages with this kind of app. If you want to send SMS anonymously then you need to know about SMS bomber websites.

One of the most notable things about SMS Bomber is that it doesn’t reveal the sender’s identity or any other private information. In this way, the receiver can never guess the sender.

How to use it

The SMS bomber app and SMS bomber website are very easy to use. You just have to open the website or app, write the phone number to which you want to send messages and the number of messages. sometimes you have to put the number of messages you want to send and in some, there is no limit.

Types of SMS bombers

There are two types of SMS bombers first is web-based and the second is App-based. You can choose any one of them. Both are useful tools to prank your friend or anyone you know.

Some people are afraid that their privacy will come into danger if they download the SMS bomber app. That’s not true unless you don’t use it for revenge. And you can use the SMS bomber website if you are still in dilemma.

List of best SMS bomber apps

1. SMS blast

SMS bomber app

SMS blast app has three modes of message bombing. You can use this amazing SMS bomber app to prank your friends and have some fun. The three modes of this app are-

  • You can use this to blast a SMS on the target mobile phone. You can also specify the number of SMS to be sent and also specify the delay time between the messages.
  • Text Blast option allows you to send a Text message multiple times on Whatsapp, facebook and other social networking apps.
  • Last mode is SMS mine, If someone sends you “hi” then you can set Mine to “hello” or your choice of text, specify the frequency of messages and save it. The app then automatically blast the recipients with your SMS.

Download- SMS blast

2. TXT blast

SMS bomber app

This is another simple to use SMS bomber app that is used to prank your friends with message bombing. Just open the app, enter the mobile number of your friend, enter the total number of SMS you want to send, enter the message and then click on Send SMS button to send bulk SMS or messages to your friend and annoy him.

Download- TXT blast


SMS bomber app

This is another SMS bomber app to use for pranks. This app is most famous among the SMS bomber app. Just write the number and number of the message. You can create your own message through this app.

The other feature is for email and WhatsApp bomber. You can bomb your friends WhatsApp and email through this app.

Download- BOMBit up

4. Crazy SMS

SMS bomber website

This is a very easy-to-use and simple SMS bomber app the sends a single message number of times to the sender’s phone. You can decide the number of messages you want to send and after press submit, you can stop the messages at any time.

Download- Crazy SMS

5. SMS repeat

SMS bomber

This app is also the same. You can send bulk SMS at one time. You can also specify the frequency of the SMS i.e. how many times you want to send the message to the recipient.

List of best SMS bomber websites

  1. mytoolstown – LINK
  2. smsbomberap- LINK
  3. greatonlinetools- LINK
  4. thebomber- LINK
  5. smstextbomber- LINK

Is it safe to use SMS Bomber?

Yes, it is safe to use, If you are using this for a prank then it is safe. If you are using it to take revenge then please don’t use this. If you are not harming anyone then anything is safe. do pranks only to your known ones.

Unless you are not harming anyone, it should be perfect opting for these tools and opting for a little prank for time being.

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