Google Tensor Chip: Everything You Need To Know

Google announced its new Pixel 6 series phones and alongside they also introduced their inhouse processor named Tensor chip.

Google is working on a tensor chip for the past 4 years under the code name Whitechapel. so let’s talk more in this article, how good this new tensor chip is.

What is google tensor chip?

Tensor chip is a custom-made processor for pixel phones capable of running google’s most powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning modules directly on the phone.

Why google is switching to this new processor?

By developing its own processor, Google can better optimize its hardware and software—precisely the reason why Apple also switched to developing its own processor.

Having full control over the hardware now google can provide more longer software updates. Previously they have to rely on the processor makers for this. So Now the processor is developed in house so the pricing of this processor is also going to reduce & eventually pixel phones pricing also going to reduce.

Performance of tensor chip

Tensor Processing Unit with 10x Better Efficiency.

The benchmarks are still not known so we cant determine the exact performance of this processor but from previous leaks, the performance of the Google tensor chip will be in the mid-tier territory, expected to be close to Snapdragon 870. we can also see a huge improvement in battery life.

Features it bring to Pixel 6 series

1) Camera optimization

I think the biggest optimization change tensor chip bring is in their cameras. so we all know by now that pixels have really good photo quality specifically for a couple of years now and that’s because of their awesome software and computational photography but the video quality has always been nothing special.

But due to this new chip google can integrate their photography chops into their videos also.

2) Realtime translation/captioning

We already know pixel devices can do on-device captioning like play any video and do caption it in real-time and now on pixel 6 that is gonna be faster and more accurate and because they have their ai processor right in the pipeline, now they can translate audio in realtime without an internet connection.

3) Better speech recognition

Due to tensor chip, we will be able to see huge improvements in voice commands, dictation, and speech recognition.

so we are really hyped up for pixel 6 and this new tensor chip. lets see how google will utilize its capabilities in future.

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