Does Wifi Frequency cause harm to Human Body?

There are mixed opinions regarding the effect of WiFi exposure on human health. While some studies show that WiFi has adverse health effects, reports are claiming that radiofrequency signals from wireless networks are too low to cause any damage to the human systems. Then, Wifi Frequency can cause the Human Body?

What are the Effects of electronic radiation on the human body?

Many scientific studies are demonstrating the detrimental effects of WiFi on the human body. It causes oxidative stress by increasing the production of free radicals.

Increased oxidative stress is responsible for oxidative damages to cellular macromolecules, such as proteins, lipids, and DNA.

Some studies regarding the effects of 2.45 GHz WiFi signals on both human and animal health have demonstrated that the radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation emitted by WiFi devices can affect sperm count, motility, and DNA integrity.

Other changes in the male reproductive system include degenerative damages, lower testosterone levels, elevated cell death, and DNA damage, which are mainly caused by increased temperature and oxidative stress levels in the testes. All these are the proof that Wifi Frequency can cause the Human Body.

Are you Experiencing Sleepless Nights? It Maybe Due to High EMF in Your Bedroom.

In the last two decades, technology innovation has led to the emerging era of wireless devices. Gadgets, electrical devices, Wi-Fi, mobile phones and many of these electronics are seamlessly changing the way humans perform their daily tasks. These wireless devices have become an integral part of human life to an extent that they stay with them even while sleeping.

However, these devices emit Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation which affects human health and sleeping pattern. EMFs have a direct impact on the electric and biochemical responses of the human body. Sleeping next to the mobile phone and wireless devices disturbs and alters the sleep cycle is known commonly but, the fact is that even electrical devices located at close range(e.g. invertors, stabilizers) have some negative impact on human health. When the constant exposure to EMF disturbs sleep, which leads to deadly lifestyle diseases. It means any frequency coming from any device or Wifi Frequency can cause the Human Body.

EMFs are considered as wireless energy waves surrounding electronic devices. Sleeping with devices such as Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic gadgets placed close to the bed cause extreme sleep loss. Apart from insomnia, EMFs also cause low immunity, depression, hypertension, mood disturbances, etc. Some of you guys may relate to this. This proves that mobile phone Frequency or Wifi Frequency can cause the Human Body.

Devices such as mobile phones which are always kept close to the pillow while sleeping affect the production of melatonin. If any individual uses his mobile phone up until he sleeps, the chances of melatonin reduction increases. Thus, it makes it harder for that individual to stay asleep.

There is no doubt that Wi-Fi routers have made human life easier. However, Wi-Fi routers and similar wireless devices like Bluetooth speakers are powerful contributors to radiation. Installation of Wi-Fi routers at the home, workplace, and even in restaurants results in long EMF exposure. The duration and proximity to the exposure of such devices increase risks arising from headaches to insomnia to tumors. This can be a serious disease and it shows that Wifi Frequency can cause the Human Body.

If you experience less and small sleep, half-day loss of energy – make sure that your bedroom is well ventilated, the mattresses are comfortable, that there is enough gap between your last meal and your sleep. Also, get your bedroom checked for EMFs and RF radiation. A night of healthy sleep can only be achieved by being fully committed to lowering the level, duration, and proximity to EMF exposure.

Can Phone Radiation Cause Hair Loss?

Radiation poisoning is a rare but well-known cause of hair loss and this has got people asking whether phone radiation can also cause it.

The answer is NO, not in this way.
Radiation poisoning is an extreme and life-threatening condition that causes multiple organ failure – mobile phones are a million miles off having this level of effect on us!

However, there are numerous Unreliable reports of people experiencing hair loss possibly resulting from heavy mobile phone usage.

A trader who used a phone for many hours a day reported a bald patch where he held his mobile phone against his ear. The doctor who treated him suspected that there was a link between the bald spot and the length of time he spent on his phone and pointed to electromagnetic radiation as the cause.

But could the bald spot have been caused by the heat from the phone, or by the phone damaging the skin as it was held in the same spot for hours every day?

The problem with unreliable evidence is that it is incredibly difficult to verify. As far as mobile phone and radiation research goes, hair loss is probably not a priority. Most of the research is conducted around cancer and other much more serious diseases. Hence, in this case, No mobile phone frequency or Wifi Frequency can cause the human body.

Does Wi-Fi cause cancer?

Currently, there’s no definite answer to this question. That’s because there’s no solid evidence suggesting that Wi-Fi, or EMFs in general, directly causes cancer.

In 2011, the World Health Organization stated that EMFs are “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” The label was established by 30 scientists who evaluated studies on EMFs and cancer.

Does phone radiation cause cancer?

Phone can make life easier in many ways. But you may worry that using a phone can raise your risk of cancer. Now the use of phones is more than 5 billion worldwide. People are making more calls each day, and these calls last longer. These are the reasons people worry that phones might be bad for their health.

Phones emit small amounts of a type of radiation called radiofrequency radiation, or radio waves. It’s called non-ionizing radiation, and it’s the same type you find in FM radio waves and microwaves.

It’s different from ionizing radiation, which comes from things like X-rays and ultraviolet light. That kind of radiation can chemically damage your DNA and increase your risk of cancer. But the non-ionizing type from phones doesn’t have enough energy to directly damage the DNA in your cells.
Still, parts of your body near your phone’s antenna can absorb its radiation. Because we often hold our phones next to our heads when making calls, scientists have wondered whether this might lead to tumors in the brain, ear, or neck area.

False claims about Wi-Fi health risks
As concerns over Wi-Fi increase, there’ve been several myths about its effects on health.

According to these claims, Wi-Fi causes:-

skin issues
heart palpitations
But there’s no hard evidence that Wi-Fi is linked to these conditions. Hence, Wifi Frequency can or can not cause the Human Body.

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