12 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Students

Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Students that can make your work easier. If you’re in school or college, you’ll be looking for the best ways to help you focus better, to complete your projects or homework. So, if you’re a Google Chrome user, you can use Google Chrome extensions to make your student life easier and your grades better.
Many teachers and students use Google Chrome, and it’s easy to customize with these extensions that really benefit students.

Memorizer tool

This Google Chrome Extension for Students helps you to memorize any information you find valuable while browsing the internet.

All you need to do is:
Select the sentence you want to memorize,
then right-click and select the Memorizer tool.
Whenever you open a new tab, that selected information will appear. Besides, on the Options page, you can review all the sentences you’ve saved so far.

It’s very beneficial as you can procrastinate and study, all at the same time, or just imagine yourself browsing the web and having random history questions popping up in your browser. This will definitely help you learn new and useful facts.
This extension also sends you quiz alerts during the day so that you can memorize important data with ease.

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This Google Chrome Extension for Students helps you to save and memorize the phrases and new words you explore in the Google Dictionary or Google Translator.
Once you save a phrase or word, it gets added to your word list, all the items from your wordlist are then transformed into cards.
The cards then randomly pop up in your browser, to jolt your memory.
It’s great for revising key phrases for your exams or simply learning new words which are added to your everyday vocabulary or even for prepping for your entrance exams.
The phrases and words are added to the world list alongside their contextual meaning and examples sentences make it, even more, easier to memorize.

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This Google Chrome Extension for Students lets you record the exact time you spend on various school or college activities.
You can then log into your Clockify web account and analyze the time you’ve spent on various study activities during the course of a day, week, month, or any other time period.
It’s great for helping you track the exact time you spend on individual subjects or lessons while studying or doing homework or working on any project.
And this data may help you plan your days during study week with more accuracy.


This Google Chrome Extension for Students is a full-featured markup tool by which you’ll be able to edit and enhance any document, either on your own or together with your online study group. The extension also works flawlessly with both Google Drive and Google Classroom.

In Kami, you’ll be able to draw, type, and add comments and annotations on anything you believe would help you scourge a text for important information and memorize the gist of it.
Scanned PDFs are uneditable, but by Kami, you can edit your content anytime you want to.


This Google Chrome Extension for Students lets you manage your table by dragging and dropping them in the order you want. This way, you’ll be able to see only your current workspace.

All the tabs are autosaved and you can restore them easily. Plus, if needed, you can remove some tabs in order to speed up your browser.
Apart from managing your tabs, you can also use Workona to work within shared workspaces, organize your projects as well online classes.
With the Find and Create feature, you can easily search through your cloud docs, workspaces, and open tabs.

Wolfarm alpha

This Google Chrome Extension for Students serves as a specialized search engine where you’ll be able to search through the facts and figures provided by millions of professors and students who know the answers to your questions.

As soon as you install the extension, it changes your standard Chrome’s Omnibox into a specialized query field, all you have to do is type “=” and add a space before asking your question.
The data you’ll have access to is correct data provided by students and professors who are knowledgeable about said topics.

When you find an ambiguous fact or a difficult equation while going over your homework material, you can simply select and right-click on it , Wolfram Alpha answer will it for you.


This Google Chrome Extension for Students lets you shorten, measure, as well as optimize links, before sharing them with peers from your browser in a couple of clicks. You’ll be able to quickly save links of important online information you find when researching for a project and then share them with your project partner or team via email, WhatsApp, Twitter, or Facebook.


This Google Chrome Extension for Students can be used as a simple screenshot creator in which you just select an area you want to capture and save it as an image or you can save entire pages and then copy and share the links to the images you capture.
Lightshot is great for the times when you need to create images quickly and then share them with friends you’re working together on a project with.
Especially great when you want to ask a friend about a passage on a web page that doesn’t allow you to select and copy the text instead, you just take a screenshot of the passage.
You can measure and scale the exact image format you want to create and save if you need to create images for a seminar paper when the rules for the paper prescribe the size of the images.

Stay focused

This Google Chrome Extension for Students can be used as your typical website blocker which creates a list of websites you don’t want to go to during study time and defines how long you’ll want to avoid those websites. You can block entire sites or just specific subdomains or pages.
You’ll no longer have to rely on your own to avoid Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or Buzzfeed, this extension will make sure you that these browsers will be blocked while the time you are studying.
StayFocusd offers a Nuclear Option, which allows you to block the sites you want for the set period. After which you can’t enter these sites as long as the blocked period lasts.

Mercury Reader

This Google Chrome Extension for Students can help you to focus on your online reading assignments by removing all annoying ads and pop-ups stopping you to concentrate on your studies.
You’ll be able to adjust the size and typeface of the text you’re reading, change the overall theme of the said page, as well as optimize the page for printing.
This extension will decrease the chances that you’ll click on an online game just because the ad for it appeared and waste hours playing games instead of studying.
You can send any text you want to read with Mercury Reader to your Kindle.
After knowing the features of this Extenstion this makes its place to our Useful Google Chrome Extensions list.


This Google Chrome Extension for Students can be used as a screen dimmer and reading aid meant to help you reduce eye strain as well as increase your concentration while reading and as the name suggests, the extension also triggers a movable highlighted part you can slide across articles to focus special attention only to parts of the text that are similar to the narrow focus you get when looking through a helmet visor.
This extension decreases the chance that you’ll skip lines and miss the point of a text you’re reading because it encourages you to focus on the text.
You can adjust the size of the “visor” to increase or decrease the amount of text you’ll focus your attention on in one go.


This Google Chrome Extension for Students is an extension that’s a constant favorite of all students. It allows a user to split their screen so they can work in two tabs simultaneously. For example, if a student needs to watch a video review of a lesson, they can open and view it in one tab while taking notes in Google Docs at the same time.

Dualless is very easy to use, and students can set the relative sizes of the two sides they aren’t stuck with a 50-50 split. They have a choice of splitting the screen either horizontally or vertically. This Extension for students can be one of the great Useful Google Chrome Extensions.

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