Best Google Meet Hacks 2021 You Must Know

As one of the most popular internet conferencing platforms on the planet, knowing how to use the Google Meet app optimally is a necessary skill for the modern citizen. These Google Meet Hacks will act as your little guide to various tricks, tips, and hacks that were created to enhance your Google Meet experience.

In this List of Google Meet Hacks, we include some best-inbuilt hacks in google meet. And the best Google Meet extension for your effective use.

List of Google Meet Hacks 2021

1. Google Meet keyboard shortcuts

Any app with keyboard shortcuts instantly becomes a lot easier to use, even though studies have shown that 90% of users don’t know how to use Ctrl+F effectively. Here are the ones that work wonders with Google Meet:

  • Ctrl + E or Cmd + E to turn your camera on or off.
  • Ctrl + D or Cmd + D to turn your microphone on or off.
  • Ctrl + Alt + A + S to display the current users.
  • Shift +? or Ctrl + / – to view the hotkeys by pressing this.
  • Ctrl + Alt + A + I to view the current room information.
  • Ctrl + Alt + P to hide or unhide a person(s) in a meeting.
  • Shift + Ctrl (Cmd) + Alt + A, followed by S to announce who is currently speaking.
  • Ctrl + Alt + C to display or hide the chat in a meeting.

2. Take automated notes 

google meet hacks 2021

One of the best Google Meet extensions, this extension can change lives, especially for students. After downloading the extension, you will be able to use the native captioning service offered by Google Meet to take comprehensive notes that will later be compiled into a complete textual transcript for your enjoyment. 

Once you turn on the live captions on Meet, go to the Tactiq pins icon on your browser. You will find a message saying ‘transcript ready,’ and you can copy the whole thing in whichever export format is convenient for you.

3. Change or Blur Your Background

You can change your background or blur for privacy or for fun. With this Google Meet Hacks, you can blur the background lightly or heavily, choose a background image from the app’s library, or upload one of your own.

To change your background before joining a meeting, click to join a meeting and look for the Change Background button on the preview screen. Then choose whether to blur your background, pick an image, or add an image.

4. Pin the Most Important Speaker

When you want one person’s video feed to be front and center, you can pin it. If you put your mouse pointer over the person’s video window, you’ll get a pop-up menu with three icons: a pin, a microphone, and a no-entry symbol. Click the pin to keep that person visible, and click it again to unpin them. The same menu can be accessed on mobile devices by long-pressing the person’s window.

5. Adjust Google Meet’s video resolution

This is one of the best google meet hacks for your video resolution, if your connection has enough capacity, you can upgrade the quality to High Definition (720p) for better clarity. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Tap the settings button (three dots icon) in the bottom right-hand corner and select ‘Settings’ while in a conference.
  • Select the ‘Video’ tab from the pop-up menu.
  • Open the ‘Send resolution’ drop-down settings and click 720p from the list of alternatives.
  • Similarly, open the ‘Receive resolution’ drop-down menu that appears and click 720p from the list of alternatives. Furthermore, with Send resolution, you may opt to send simply audio, which is useful if you don’t want to share your video.

6. Easily take attendance and create breakout groups

google meet hacks 2021

Another Google Meet hacks, Add the Google Meet Attendees & Breakout Rooms Chrome extension to your browser in order to collect attendance in Google Sheets directly from your Google Meet. You can also generate breakout groups automatically using this extension.

To create breakout rooms, using this extension, follow these directions:

  1. Enter a Google Meet
  2. Add your attendance list into the extension by clicking the new person icon that will now appear in your Meet taskbar
  3. Click “show group generator”
  4. Choose the number of groups in the drop-down menu (for example, if you want to split your class into 4 even groups, choose 4 in the drop-down menu)
  5. Click “copy groups”
  6. Paste the groups into the chat box in Meet
  7. Go back to the group generator where you first copied groups and now click “copy meet links”
  8. Paste the meet links into the chat box.
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7. Add meetings to Google Calendar and send invites

This Google meet hacks can save you time. You can schedule your Google Meeting app meetings on Google Calendar. Schedule Google Meet in Google Calendar by first logging into your Google Calendar, then click “create” to start a new calendar entry.

Invite people to join your video meeting by clicking “add guests.” Be sure to click “Add Google Meet video conferencing” under options. By clicking save, all added guests will receive an email with the scheduled Google Meet.

8. Dualless

There is another Google meet extension With Dualless, you can split your browser windows into two parallel screens. It is excellent for anyone who wants to have multiple monitor functionality but doesn’t have another screen. After you enable it, the browser window splits into two and offers an option to select a preferred aspect ratio (e.g., 3:7, 5:5, 7:3).

You can use the second window to make notes while you attend the meetings. But it may be counterproductive, as it can distract you from the actual conversation.

9. Reactions for Google Meet

Google Meet allows the host to mute other participants when the speaker is talking. But if anyone wants to raise concerns, there’s no in-built feature for that the Meet interface. That’s where the Reactions extension for Google Meet comes in.

Enable Reactions for Google Meet, and you can ‘raise your hand’ (figuratively) to signal the host that you want to speak. Further, you can also express other reactions ‘Clap,’ Thumbs Up,’ ‘Wow,’ that will show up on the meeting screen.

10. Call Timer for Meet

If you want to add a Google meet extension which track your meeting duration.then Timer for Google meet should be your go-to add-on.

When enabled, the timer shows up at the top right corner along with the participant’s tab, chat tabs, and clock. You have the option to set a specific time a meeting starts. When a session concludes, you can see the total duration of the meeting.

11. Krisp App

google meet app

This Google meet hacks app is for your background noise. Krisp is a noise cancelling app that works in real time and uses the power of AI to recognize and separate noises from human voices.

A major benefit of Krisp is that besides filtering out background noise on your side, it can also remove noise coming from other people on the call. So both you and other call participants can enjoy clear and professional conferencing experience without disruptive noise.

12. Google Meet Enhancement Suite

This Google meet extension is one of the best and used many users. If you want to rely on a one-stop tool to make the most of Google Meet, then the Google Meet Enhancement Suite is the extension you should install on Google Chrome. The tool comes with many features and default settings that make Google Meet as functional as Zoom. This includes the ability to automatically mute the microphone, turn off video when joining a meeting or enable captions.


The above are the best Google Meet Hacks that you can use to enhance your experience. You can use these google meet hacks in your class or in meetings. Hope you will like these hacks.