30 Best Google Search Tips and Tricks

Google becomes the most essential part of our lives. Almost every data is available on google. Most Google users don’t know how to use it properly. And today we are going to tell you the best Google search tips and tricks for taking out the best of it.

These Google search tips and tricks will help you to search smartly and find what you’re looking for easily and effectively than ever before. These tricks and tips will increase your knowledge in gathering information from Google. And also these will increase your productivity at online researches.

List of Google Search Tips and Tricks

This article has decided to share the best Google Search tips and tricks that would help you use Google Search more efficiently. So, let’s check out the best Google Search tips and tricks to maximize your search effectiveness.

1) Search by Image

These are the best google tips and tricks, Not only words but you can search by image also. This google search trick is extremely useful but not many users know about it.

Just go to Google images, you will see the camera icon in the search bar. Just click on the camera icon and select the image and upload it and you will see the results related to your image.

You can do this trick on the phone also. Open google chrome and go to google images, open it by selecting a desktop site. Then the same process is processed.

2) Search with your voice

You can search by click on the microphone or just by saying ‘Ok google’ and then the term you want to search on your phone.

To enable voice search go to google search app settings. Then click on voice, then on voice match. Google will ask you to say “Ok Google” about three times. And here we go you can use it.

3) Search by location

Your city or town name after your query allows you to make searches for a specific location. This overrules the default behavior of Google to provide results for the location calculated using your Internet connection’s IP address. For example: “food point in New Delhi” or “food point 110044” shows you food joints in New Delhi.

4) Search for Particular file type

Google tips and tricks

If you write filetype: it will let you search for specific files on the web. It will be easy for you to find a PDF file or a presentation or other file whose extension is known. For Example- “filetype pdf:law of motion” will search for presentations on the given topic of Law of Motion.

5) Search Extact Phrase

Google search tips and tricks

Put your search query in double quotes (“”) to get exact words in topics. Google will show the result of phrases in double-quotes. For example- searching for “Population of India in 2020”. You will get the exact result of that phrase. This Google search tips are among the best.

6) Search within a website

Google search tips and tricks

You can search the contents of your favorite website. By writing Site: before the website in the search bar will let you search within a website. For example: “site:Geektimeline.com Telegram Bots” will list results for the search term ‘Telegram Bots’, but the search will list results only from the mentioned website (geektimeline.com) and not from the other sites.

7) Search within a budget

Two periods (..) helps to search between two numbers. While searching for any product type budget range in the end like $50..$500. For example- If want you to search for something in your budget search like this 5g smartphones 15000..2000 INR.  It will show the results that sell 5g Smartphones in between the price range of 15000 to 20000 INR.

8) Search for a website’s alternative

If you are looking for a website alternative then these google tips and tricks for you. Write related: before a website for whom you are looking for an alternative. This method is so easy to find website alternatives. For example- “related:geektimeline.com” for our websites alternatives.

9) Find the appropiriate keywords

To get the search suggestions, try to write accurate keywords or something you want to search with wrong spelling. It will automatically suggest the most suitable searches. Many bloggers and SEO use this trick.

10) Customize Google Search settings

Google search tips and tricks

You can customize your Google search settings according to your preference. You can visit google search settings to change your preference. You can use a safe search to block explicit results.

You can set immediate predictions, the number of results, and your language and location to get more personalized results.

11)  Definitions, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Pronunciation

Google search tips and tricks

If you want to a meaning of the word and other definitions then this Google tip is for you. Define: Let’s you find the meaning of a word and other definitions of it. For example- “Define: obligation” gives you definition, synonyms, and pronunciation. And if you write Define: obligation antonyms then it shows only antonyms.

12) Find Origins of Words

Google search tips and tricks

You can find the origin of any word. By writing etymology: then the word whose origin you want to find. This trick is for those who are learning new words or doing some kind of research on words and their origins. For example-  “etymology: technology” gets you the origins of the word ‘technology’.

13) Use calculator

You can use google’s calculator. Search “Calculator” in the search bar and the calculator opens up directly. You can also type the equation directly in the search box to get answers right away. 

14) Use Google translate

You can translate any language to another language by google translator. We all face difficulties in speaking and writing in English or any other foreign. These Google search tips and tricks are best for those who are learning a new language. This will help them translate the language into their local language.

15) Convert Numbers to Words

google search tips

Google can help you to convert numbers to words. This trick is useful when you have a large number and want to convert it into words. For example- 1064305 in English, then it will show the numbers in English.

16) Convert currencies

You can use google as a currency converter. If you are in a business or you have something that requires an everyday currency rate then this is very useful. For example- “dollar to rupee” if you write this will show the rate to the dollar in terms of the rupee.

17) Get weather information

You can get live weather information in your area or weather at any location in the world. By weather in my area or weather in New Delhi.

18) Know local time

Google can tell you the local time of any place in the world. You can use the name of the place or the code. For example- “time New Delhi” will tell the local time of the new Delhi.

19) Get driections

Google can help you to find directions to go from one place to another. Search for a query beginning with “direction” or “navigate” along with start and end locations. For example- direction from Anand vihar to Govind Puri and will shows the direction in minimap.

20) Know the Exact Sunrise/Sunset time

google search tips and tricks

You can check the sunrise and sunset time in your location. Search sunrise and sunset in New Delhi or you just want to know the sunrise time than sunrise in New Delhi.

21) Know you IP address

Search IP address in the search bar and it will show your current IP address as acquired by Google. For example-  “my IP address” lists my computer’s IP address, then it will show your IP address.

Hope you are enjoying these Google search tips and tricks.

22) Search Flights

Google lets you search for flights from one location to another in just a few descriptors. Along with that, you get a price graph, filter options, booking links, and much more. For example: “flight New Delhi to Dubai” lets you view the flights for travel from New York to Paris.

23) Know Tourist Spots

Google search tips

Google can tell you the best place to visit in a city or town. You just have to search attractions before a town city in the search bar. Then will show you the best place to visit in the city. For example: “attractions New Delhi” or “attractions in New Delhi” list the places of attraction in New Delhi

24) Find festival dates

With the help of Google, you can find the date of the festival. You can find days of any occasion like friendship day, Diwali, etc. For example: “friendship day date” or “when is friendship day” gets you the dates of Friendship day.

25) Search Newspaper of More Than 100 Years

Google offers you to read thousand of digitized news content of the last several years.  For example, using the  “site:google.com/newspapers New York ” query will search for an article from scanned newspapers on the topic ‘New York’.

26) Know Nutritional Information

Google is helping you to show nutritional info for food-related searches such as mango, chocolate candy, etc. The given info includes calories, vitamins, fats, etc. For example, search queries “banana” or “chocolate cake” produce nutritional information.

27) Find Company information

Google helps you to find information about a company. Just search for terms like the founder of ‘Company name.’ CEO of ‘company name,’ etc. Google tells the Exact person who is holding the post in that company.

28) Get your favorite personality info

Google has data of many personalities and celebrities. You are just one search away from getting to know about your favorite celebrity. For example, “Mahatma Gandhi height” lists the height of our Father of the Nation.

29) Know about Sports schedule

You don’t have to go to any website or read a newspaper for any sports event schedule. Google will help you find any sports schedule by just searching the name of the sports event. For Example- “IPL 2021” will show you the ongoing matches and full schedule of the event.

30) Discover What Others are Searching

You can go to Google Trends and it shows you what others are searching in any country or the whole world. This tool is best for content creators on social media to know what people are looking for. And for the journalist to look for news. You can filter the trends by choosing a category to see more information about it such as relevant articles, interest over time, interest by region, trending, etc.

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