Top 5 Call Bomber Websites 2021

Ever want to prank your friend then this blog is for you. We will tell you the best Call bomber websites that can help you do a prank. The Call bomber is a kind of software allowing you to do calls to a specific person(s) at a higher frequency than normal.

The content can be repeated or non-repeated, but the purpose could be, either malicious or non-malicious purpose – the previous one is quite obviously not safe and not allowed by law, while the latter one can be. If you talk about the safety of using the Call bomber.

What is Call Bomber?

Call bomber websites

Call Bomber is an application by using it you can do unlimited calls with a special number. The calls will be automatically sent to the targeted phone number. You can see the interface of such a kind of Call bomber Websites.

One of the most notable things about Call Bomber is that it doesn’t reveal the Caller’s identity or any other private information. In this way, the receiver can never guess the Caller. The call receiver will receive calls from different numbers and will tell the OTP of different apps.

How to use it

The Call bomber website is very easy to use. You just have to open the website or app, write the phone number to which you want to call and the number of Calls. sometimes you have to put the number of messages you want to send and in some, there is no limit.

Types of SMS bombers

There are two types of Call bombers first is web-based and the second is App-based. You can choose any one of them. Both are useful tools to prank your friend or anyone you know.

Some people are afraid that their privacy will come into danger if they download the Call bomber app and that’s why we have come with this blog with Call bomber websites.

List of best Call bomber Websites

1. Callbomberz

Now bomb your friend’s inbox using our Call bomber service. This is a prank application that can send spam Calls to target. Our Call bomber is Free, Easy To Use, and has cross-platform support. How to use

Step 1: Enter the number you want to bomb
Step 2: Now hit the submit button. LINK

2. Callbombersin

Working Call Bomber is here. Just put your friend’s number and bomb their numbers. Now you can send unlimited calls, with No restrictions. If you face any issues then you can contact them on telegram. LINK

3. Smsbomber

By name, it looks like SMS bomber but this website has both. You can bomb your friend’s phone by SMS and call through this website. LINK

4. smsbomberap

This website also has both call and SMS bombers. You can do anything and it has a Call bomber app. LINK

5. Call bomberin

This website is also working if you want to prank your friend. LINK

Is it safe to use Call Bomber?

Yes, it is safe to use, If you are using this for a prank then it is safe. If you are using it to take revenge then please don’t use this. If you are not harming anyone then anything is safe. do pranks only to your known ones.

Unless you are not harming anyone, it should be perfect opting for these tools and opting for a little prank for time being.


These prank websites are only for fun and don’t use them for taking revenge or anything that can harm someone. Hope you all like this post and give us feedback regarding this. And tell us what do you want to know in the next post.

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