Top 10 hidden iOS 15 features you might don’t know

After iOS 14 Apple has announced an all-new iOS 15 with a lot of new hidden iOS 15 features at the WWDC 2021 event. The new iOS 15 update brings a lot of improvements to their core apps. There are a lot of hidden features in the new iOS 15 which Apple didn’t showcase at their Event. So, we have created a list of Top 10 hidden iOS 15 features that you might don’t know.

Scan any text using your iPhone

scan any text using your iPhone hidden iOS 15 feature

As new iOS 15 is launched, it introduces a new feature to scan any type of text only with your iPhone’s camera known as “Live Text”
To use this feature point your iPhone camera at something containing text, such as a restaurant menu or product tag any type of assignment, then tap the Live Text icon in the corner of the viewfinder. Drag the ends of the selection tool to highlight all the text you want to copy, then select Copy from the popup menu. You can now paste it wherever you like.
This is a neat and easy way to quickly scan an email address from a card or a phone number. This is a new iOS 15 hack which was not there in iOS 14.

Drag-and-drop between apps in iPhone

Drag-and-drop between apps in iPhone hidden iOS 15 feature

This one comes in another hidden iOS 15 features that will save you extra time.
Sharing images between apps on iPhone was a difficult process and required additional steps. Which would get even more annoying if you had to share multiple images at the same time. You can now just drag and drop multiple files from one app into another by easily dragging them. All you need to do is click and hold on to one image and start clicking on other images. You can then transfer the selections over to WhatsApp or e-mail. This new iOS 15 hack will ease your sharing.

Enable iCloud Private Relay

Enable iCloud Private Relay hidden iOS 15 feature

New iOS 15‌, introduced an ‌iCloud‌ service that adds new hidden iOS 15 features for its paid iCloud users. One of these features is iCloud Private Relay, which is designed to hide your IP address and Safari browsing activity so that no one can see who you really are, or what are the websites you visit.
Private Relay is only available to the paid iCloud plans. You can enable this option from Settings > Profile > iCloud > Private Relay menu. This new iOS 15 hack will help you to privatize your browsing history.

FaceTime voice Isolation

FaceTime voice Isolation hidden iOS 15 feature

Whenever you’re on a call, your device’s mic picks up a wide range of sound from the background, but with the Voice Isolation feature in ‌iOS 15‌, the machine distinguishes your voice and noise, blocks out any surrounding noise, and prioritizes your voice so that it goes through clearly.
To use this feature, whenever you are on a ‌FaceTime‌ call or when taking a call on a third-party app like WhatsApp or Teams, launch your device’s Control Center, open the Mic Mode button, top-right, then click Voice Isolation to enable this feature.

Safari’s address bar’s placement is changeable

One of the most observable upgrades on iOS 15 is the placement of the address bar within the Safari browser. The bar is now shown at the bottom of the screen to allow swipe gestures. Apple has also introduced ‘tab groups’ and Voice search to its Safari browser. To change the placement of the address bar on Safari, open the browser and go to any website. Click on the ‘A’ at the bottom left of the screen and select Show top address bar.’

Change the size of text used in specific apps

Change the size of text used in specific apps hidden iOS 15 feature

With the new iOS 15, there is a feature to change the size of the text for different apps.
To use this feature you just have to open Settings then click on the control center then scroll down to the Text Size option, open the “aA” button to control the Text Size. Now adjust the size of text in-app using the slider and choose according to your preference.

Share with Siri

Share with Siri hidden iOS 15 feature

In ‌iOS 15‌, one of the best features is that you can ask Siri to share whatever is on your screen with someone else via a Message, be it a website in Safari, or a song in Apple Music, an Image, or just your location. This feature will save your time by eliminating the extra steps that you had to follow to send something.
To share something at any time, say “Hey ‌‌Siri‌‌,” then “Share this with (name of the person in your contact you want to share with).” ‌‌Siri‌‌ will get into action and will confirm your request by saying “Are you ready to send it?” At this point, you can either say yes or no, then hit Send. If it is something that can’t be shared directly, Siri will take a screenshot and send it.

Translate anywhere

Translate anywhere hidden iOS 15 feature

In iOS 15, you can translate any text. The text you can select can easily be translated.
Just press and hold on to a text to show the text selection option and drag the start and end bracket just like you do if you were going to copy any text. You’ll notice a popup menu has a new Translate option click on that.
You’ll get a notification that the text is going to be sent to Apple to process the translation. Press Continue and a pop-up notification will show the translated text and give you options to copy the translation.
If you want to do the translation without sending data to Apple you just have to do some changes. Open Settings, then open the Translate option and enable On-Device Mode. You’ll have to also open up the Downloaded Languages menu and download the languages for which you want to enable offline translation.

Record app activity

record app activity hidden iOS 15 feature

Apple keeps its users focused on privacy, and this hidden iOS 15 feature also aims to assure this commitment. In iOS 15 there is a feature of ‘Record App Activity’ that allows users to keep an eye on which apps are accessing their private data like location, photos, camera, microphone.
To activate the feature, Open Settings then go to the Privacy option then click on Record App Activity.
This will record the activity of 7 days of exactly when and how often all your apps access your microphone or location, or which website they visit. Just come back to this screen a week later for a full report.

Precipitation Alert

Precipitation Alert hidden iOS 15 feature

In iOS 15 there is a feature to enable precipitation alerts. In the weather app, you can now get real-time precipitation alerts and get notifications when it is about to rain or snow. To enable these notifications Open the Weather app then Select the List icon then go to the More button then click on Notifications and then Continue, Select My Location to get notifications about precipitation for your current location.
With this enabled, you’ll get a notification whenever rain or snow is going to start or stop within the next hour.

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