IOS 15 Settings You Should Change on iPhone

Last month Apple launch IOS 15 to make iPhone more stable. And there are so many changes that take place in iPhone after this update. In this blog, we are going to tell you about IOS 15 settings you should change. These settings will include privacy, battery saving, and more.

IOS 15 settings you should change

1. Turn off preload top hit

This setting is related to your privacy and security. Browsers are so smart when you search for something it will read your background apps and it will harm your privacy. Go to settings and tap on safari and you will see an option ‘preload top hit’ turn it off.

2. Stop Advertisers from tracking you

This IOS setting is for your security. In settings, Go to safari and scroll down there you have the option of ‘ Prevent cross-site tracking’ turn it on. This prevents you know advertisers companies from tracking you as you go across multiple websites in safari on your iPhone.

3. Hide your IP address

In this IOS setting, you can hide your IP address from trackers. Intelligent Tracking Prevention does not block ads; it simply stops websites from being able to track users’ browsing habits without their permission. And now Apple gives you the option to hide your IP address from them, too. Go to Settings > Safari > “Privacy and Security”> Hide IP address

4. Stop Apps From Tracking You

Apple has this new security feature. Apps on iPhone now have to ask users permission to track their activity within the app. This gives users more control over what the apps can do on their iPhones. You can select which apps can track your activity or turn off this option completely. Go to Settings > Privacy > Tracking, and tap to turn on or off 

5. Turn Off Personalized Ads

Now you can turn off personalized ads, Personalized ads mean the ads which are in favor of your interest. This could be a good thing for you that will see personalized ads but it’s not good for your privacy and security. So it’s better to turn it off.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Apple Advertising, then turn Personalized Ads on or off.

6. Turn On Record App Activity

With iOS 14, Apple introduced a feature called Privacy Report that generated a report of all the third-party trackers trying to spy on you. Apple has implemented a similar feature in iOS 15, wherein you can see how apps access your iPhone’s resources like the camera or microphone. You can even see the websites to which the apps upload your data. To turn on Reduce Motion Go to Settings>Privacy>Scroll down>Record App Activity

7. Use Location Services Wisely

Location Services help apps know your exact location so they can give you a more accurate service. With that said, not every app needs to know your location at all times. You can control which apps have access to your location or disable location services completely so no app can track you. Go to Settings> Privacy>Location services

8. Turn Off Unnessacey Services

System services include a list of system-based services on your iPhone that are using your location. Some of these services are necessary like Emergency Calls & SOS, Find My iPhone, and Share My Location.

9. Turn off iCloud Cellular Settings

This is one of those data-saving ios 15 settings you should change, Apple warns, might “cause you to exceed your cellular data plan.” With that in mind, I think that as long as there are times when you are in Wi-Fi coverage, this is a setting best turned off. Settings > [tap on your name at the top] > iCloud Backup and tap Back Up Over Cellular to off.

10. Turn Off Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh allows for an app to check for updates or new content while running in the background. Some apps need background app refresh enabled including Messages and some social media apps. To find background app refresh, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

11. Turn On Reduce Motion

Your iPhone is capable of displaying stunning visual effects because of GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) built into the logic board. However, iPhone’s GPU requires a lot of battery power to display these motion effects. By turning on Reduce Motion in the Settings app, we can help limit the amount of battery your GPU uses. To turn on reduce motion go to Settings>General>Accessiblity>Reduce Motion.

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