Games under 10MB for iOS

Nowaday’s everyone is becoming a gaming enthusiast and likes to play smartphone games. But it is very hard to find Games under 10MB for iOS and maybe no one has the idea about these games. These games can be your stress reliever and can make your boring time fun. But if you are a hardcore gamer then these Games under 10MB is not meant for you.

Atomic Bomber

Games under 10MB for iOS

Atomic Bomber is another 1 MB game for iOS devices. This game is very easy and simple to play. This game has a level-based strategy.
In this game, you will fly an air fighter plane where you have to destroy Truck launchers and Rocket launchers of your enemies. You can use missiles and nuclear bombs in this game.

Racing Moto

Games under 10MB

Racing moto is another iOS Games under 10 MB(the actual size of the game is 7.4 MB). This game is very interesting and easy to play. There are no missions and goals in this game but there are different modes to play. In this game, you only have to accelerate the bike and tilt the phone to control the bike’s direction. You have to control the bike’s direction to boost the speed of the bike. You have to earn points by scoring maximum scores. These points can be used in the future to buy the 7 different real-like new and upgraded bikes in the game.


Games under 10MB

BMX Boy is one of the Best iOS Games under 10MB. It is a racing game in which you have to do various tricks in the air and speed up the Bike, etc on roads to score the points and reach the finish line. In lay men language you just have to accelerate and jump over the obstacles those are on the roads to score. There are 3 different modes in the game and 90 amazing levels to play. This game is developed by the Runner Games and has over 50 million downloads in iOS.

Dr Driving

Dr Driving is one of the Best iOS Games under 10MB that you can download on your iOS Smartphone for free. This game is very easy to play. This is a driving simulator in which you can learn how to drive, take turns and park a car. It consists of different modes like City Missions, Drift modes, Parking Mission, and many more Challenges. This offers realistic settings and features which is very appreciated. This very interesting game for people who want to play a light driving game with real-like features.

Break the Prison

Break the Prison is one of the most popular Games under 10MB that you can find in App Store for iOS. The developer of this game is Candy mobile and also has 10 million downloads. In this game, the player need to come up with complex plan to escape the Prison and need to clear the name of the Character. You have to solve the puzzles and had to do many more tasks to escape the Prision. In this game you will face 40+ challenges in 8 levels with different themed cells. This game can be one to kill your boring time and to release stress on work.

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