How to Delete a Reddit account on iPhone?

Before we know how to delete a Reddit account on iPhone. First, we need to know what is Reddit and why it is famous in the Social media platform world.

Reddit is one of the popular or we can say famous Social Media Platforms which has 350 million users around the globe in both desktop versions and apps. Reddit is used to search or for asking any query where the Subreddits will provide you the best and most accurate information regarding the query.

Whether your query is related to Science, Tech, Games, or Web series you will get the best knowledgeable information. There are many users who find Reddit a useful and sensible platform. where they can get the best knowledgeable answers for various types of topics and also they can share their views and knowledge.

But many of them don’t want to be a part of Reddit and wondering How to delete a Reddit account. If you also want to delete it, you are at the right place because we will tell you How to deactivate a Reddit account on the desktop or an app.

How to deactivate a Reddit account on an iPhone?

Before we start the deactivating process, we must keep in our mind that once the Reddit profile is deleted then it can’t be reactivated again. To delete your Reddit account you will require a username and password. It is not only needed to log in but also for deleting the account.

With that being said let’s start with How to delete a Reddit account on iPhone.

Open any browser of your preference on your iPhone and follow the steps mentioned below.

How to delete a Reddit account on iPhone

  1. Go to or you can also click on this link to go to Reddit account deactivation.
  2. You can Log in on your Reddit account using your username and password. or also you can continue with your Apple and Google credentials.
  3. Now tap on the triple horizontal bars. menu icon at the top-right corner of the screen.
  4. Scroll down the screen and tap on the settings to see more options.
  5. Then tap on account settings.
  6. Now you are on the next page, where you have to enter your Reddit username and password again.
  7. Then tap on the checkbox with the message ” I know that deactivated account is not recoverable”.
  8. Now TAP on the Deactivate account button.
  9. Confirm your Reddit account deletion by tapping on Deactivate button on the follow-up prompt.
How to delete a Reddit account from the website

Now your Reddit account will be deleted, and you will be redirected to the Login page. As I mentioned above, after deactivating your Reddit account you won’t be able to recover it. So, now if you want to use Reddit again you have to create a new account on Reddit with a different username and password.

How to delete a Reddit account from the Website?

If you want to delete a Reddit account from the website while not using the Reddit mobile app. Then here are the steps on How you can delete a Reddit account from the Website.

  1. Open Reddit Website.
  2. Now, click on the Login button appearing in the top right corner and fill in your Username and Password to Log In to your Reddit account.
  3. Once you are in Logged In your Reddit account then, click on your Profile name on Top right corner.
  4. Click on User settings from the drop-down menu options.
  5. Now, you can see Deactivate Account option in the user setting click it.
  6. It will ask you to Logg In again with your Username and Password to confirm it is your account. Now, after that mark, I understand that deactivated accounts are not recoverable box, and then click on Deactivate option.
  7. Finally, click one more time to Deactivate option to confirm the action.

That’s it now your Reddit account is deleted. This is the easiest way to Reddit account from the mobile app or from the website.

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