How to solve call ended problem in Jio sim

How to solve call ended problem in Jio sim? Let’s go back to 2016 when reliance launched JIO which became the most popular mobile network out there in India and provided a lot for very less. But it is not the best mobile network that is available in India because of its slow internet speed, poor network connection, and many other issues that are faced by the users. One of the most faced issues is Call ended problem in the Jio sim.

How to solve call ended problem in Jio sim?: Are you facing this problem in your Jio sim. The issue can be caused due to several different things in different handsets. But, to solve this issue, in this post, we will tell you a few simple steps to rid of this.

But, first of all, let’s understand What does call ended problem means, If you call a person on a Mobile using Jio mobile network, the call will automatically show call ended after some seconds. It means the call is no longer in progress. However, the call should end if the receiver or speaker hung up the call, or the call will drop due to poor network coverage.

How to solve Call ended problem in Jio sim?

With the help of some easy steps, we will try to fix this problem of Call ended problem in the Jio sim.

Restart JIO network

The quickest way to rid of this problem is to register the JIO sim to the network. One of the best way to do this is to un-mount the JIO sim from the sim slot and then insert it again. Through this, you can register the JIO sim easily.

Another method to avoid call ended problem in JIO is to switch the mobile phone into flight mode for some time. Or else you can restart your smartphone to register to mobile networks.

Rebooting your device

How to solve call ended problem in Jio sim

Rebooting your smartphone can actually fix a lot of lags or bugs within your smartphone. The reason to do this easy way is that it will restart the whole operating system of the smartphone again. So, if there is any bug or glitch in your smartphone that will also get fixed through Rebooting therefore also check whether Call ended problem in the JIO gets solved or you are getting an error.

Switch sim slots

How to solve call ended problem in Jio sim

If still you have this question of How to solve call ended problem in Jio sim then this easy step can fix your issue switch your sim card to another sim card slot. This means if you have inserted your Jio sim in Sim card slot 1 then switch your sim to slot 2. It may help you to fix call ended problem in Jio.

If this doesn’t work then try to remove your sim card for a minute, then reinsert the sim and see whether it is solved or not.

However, we recommend everyone to use Sim slot 1 because most of the smartphones have VoLTE enabled in slot 1. But nowadays, smartphones have both VoLTE enabled sim slots.

Install Jio 4G Voice app

How to solve call ended problem in Jio sim

Installing the Jio 4G voice app helps to solve many bugs and problems related to the Jio Networks. Through this JioCall app you can easily start a call over the internet instead of using VoLTE. Which might fix the Call ended problem in Jio.

Jio call Forwarding services

Another solution to fix call ended problem in Jio is to deactivate the call forwarding option. To deactivate this option you can simply dial the code *402 from your Jio number.


The above mentioned steps are very easy and quick steps to fix the call ended problem in Jio. All these steps are tried and tested by us we have received positive results with these steps. But these steps can not fix your problem permanently these are the temporary steps that can be used.

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