5 Things to Know About Backdroid.com

This article is about backdroid, a website very well known as backdroid.com.

For those who are living under the Rock, Backdroid is a Blog!

Of course, you know that backdroid.com is a blog website. But this article includes some unique information about backdroid.

Let’s dive in.

Start of Backdroid

Backdroid domain (backdroid.com) started on 2020-05-18 04:54:04 UTC as per ican lookup. It means the domain’s registration happened on the 18th of May 2020.

If you see the number and compare it to the current one, you’d find that the domain is more than two years old, showing authority.

Topic Covered by Backdroid

There is a multiple topic that the Backdroid blog mainly covers in their article. It includes the below-given list:

  • Android Apps.
  • Android Games.
  • How to tutorials.
  • Guides.

So, it is a blog that intends to help users find more valuable and relevant content.

Specialty of Backdroid

You’ve probably seen many blog websites, but this website is something different. It sounds familiar—the blog explains like your brother or the kid who knows everything. It sounds like a family. The way they write their articles is fabulous.

However, there are a few spelling mistakes that you’d find. But that’s alright.

Even with some spelling mistakes, they are here to compete in the market. But they’ll fix it with time.

Indeed, there were rankings for many competitive queries. If you see their Tutorials are the most content and images enrich articles.

Screenshots are the most crucial part of tutorials, and Backdroid attaches all the screenshots and sometimes videos if required.

They have a few youtube channels, Where on one track, they cover short tutorials (How to Tutorials in Short). In other media, they cover tutorials with in-depth explanations.

Now you might have a few questions. If the backdroid has done so many things, who’s the face behind it?

The Founder of Backdroid?

BackDroid Founder

Backdroid blogs start with a College student, Kunal Kashyap. If you try to find out about him, many things (articles) are available on the internet.

But why did he start backdroid.com?

Honestly, We want to help people with backdroid.

This one line explained is from Kunal. That is enough, maybe. So, Kunal wanted to start a blog that genuinely helps people.

Stats about BackDroid.com

Their monthly organic (from google search) traffic is 122,938 as per SEMRUSh via Crunchbase.

The valuation of BackDroid blogs is 30K dollars as per the flippa listing.

What’s New?

Backdroid started publishing Android and tech news in the form of Web Stories. Click here to check out Backdroid tech and Android news web stories.

Now backdroid has many writers on its team. Almost six people in their team help them in content creation, SEO, etc.

I hope you find it helpful. It’s worth mentioning something good is happening in the World of Tech.