Useful gadgets during work from home or online classes


During this pandemic (Covid-19) it has changed the way how we used to work and learn. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a lot of lessons. One of such lesson is work from home or online classes. The majority of the workforce has shifted to work from home and schools and colleges have also shifted to online classes. Personally, I’ve been staying at home since March. While it’s been hard, working from home. However, I faced several issues like not having the perfect Wi-Fi or useful gadgets. To make your work from home and learn from home life easy, we recommend some useful gadgets that will help you to create a good work environment inside of your home.

1. Reliable Wi-Fi Connection

wifi connection can be a useful gadgets

Reliable Wi-Fi router will be the first one on the list to make your work from home or online classes experience smooth. Yes, you could rely on a mobile hotspot for accessing the internet but, it’s better to have a good broadband service when you are working from home or taking classes for long hours for uninterrupted internet connectivity.
A good Wi-Fi connection ensures your work is done on time, a good router will make sure you get ample internet connectivity in various areas across your home. Make sure to upgrade your internet plans according to your usage and need. If you are currently on a limited plan, then you might want to consider upgrading it to unlimited because you can’t afford any type of network issue during your meetings and classes. You can choose between Airtel Broadband services, JioFiber or Spectra Broadband as per availability in your location.

2. Laptop


You’re going to spend a lot of time in front of your screen during this pandemic as everything has become online, and maybe this will continue for more than one year. If you’re working from home for the long time or attending online classes consider upgrading your computer. You don’t need a high-powered gaming laptop or anything. You just need a solid system that doesn’t lag and doesn’t crash five minutes before your next conference meeting or class.
If you want to buy a laptop in affordable price you can go for ASUS VivoBook 14 (2020) but, if you don’t have any type of price limit you can buy ROG Strix G15 or Lenevo Legion 5.

3. Headphones or Earphones


A good pair of Headphones or earphones can be consider in useful gadgets that help you tune out all of the household noises and focus on work or online classes.
In this work from home time, the topmost priority for most of us is to be always connected with our office members. To attend regular meetings and attending online classes without any hassle. To stay connected in meetings and classes, you must have a high-quality headphone set or earphones.
You could consider buying a good set of noise-cancelling earphones or headphones as you can get rid of background disturbances to a great extent during your meetings or online classes. You could also buy a Bluetooth earphones/headphone so that you are not stuck to the same place throughout your working day, and you can easily stretch and move around your home.

If you have a low budget, then you can consider getting realme Buds 2 as they sound good and fit perfectly inside of the ears. If there is no limit for the price then you can consider getting the Boult Audio ProBass  or Onedio, which comes with active noise cancellation to drown out all of the noise and help you focus on your work or online classes better.

4. Printer

printer is recommended in a useful gadgets

Believe it or not, there are still some work for which you actually need such useful gadgets like Printer to print: government documents, Notes, and other Important documents.
Many of us have jobs that require printing or scanning documents. For such people, we recommended getting a home printer with an embedded scanner. We recommend getting the HP Deskjet 2332 to get your job done at budget. Budget printers, however, do not come with many cycles and dispose of a lot of wastage. It is recommended to get a budget printer if your job does not require printing many pages per day. However, if it does, then spending more on a printer like HP Deskjet Ink 2335 makes sense, which can provide you with a hassle-free experience as it can print using any device including your smartphone.

5. Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)


You can’t afford to leave a meeting due to electricity cut off. If your home is prone to power outages, then you should get a UPS it can be a useful gadget for you like APS BX600c When you lose power, this appliance will kick in to power your desktop computer or laptop for some time. This duration depends on the UPS battery capacity, but it is enough to give you time to save your important document and to safely shut down the laptop or your computer.

6. A Laptop cooling pad

cooling pad useful gadget

A laptop cooling pad is a versatile tool that you need to invest in if you don’t want your laptop heating up especially now when you are working from home and have multiple video calls and you are also multi-tasking. A few of the laptops get hot after using it for a long duration; as a safety measure, it is better to use a laptop cooling pad. This will not only help in keeping the laptop cool but it will also work as a stand to keep your laptop inclined to facilitate better comfort. It will lessen the stress on your neck. You can buy ZEB-NC3300 it can be recommend in useful gadgets to minimize the heating of your Laptop.

7. Wireless Mouse

wireless mouse its a useful gadget

The first thing that you need to get is a good mouse that will help in your laptop and not deal with the annoying touchpads. Therefore, there is no harm to having an USB mouse in place. Make sure to choose the one that is designed to fit in your hand. It is even better to put your money on a wireless mouse. With a mouse, you will be able to achieve a much accurate movement than a touchpad. If you decide to disable your touchpad, then it will also save you from multiple accidental touches.
The Lenevo 530 wireless mouse can be recommend in a useful gadgets. It is a trustworthy companion in this regard. It requires a spare USB port to connect wirelessly to the laptop.
It’s the right time for you to invest in a wireless mouse good quality since we don’t know how long this lockdown would last! Also, since many companies are planning to shift to work from home culture to save space and their rent expenses, your investment will not get wasted even in the long run.

8. Lighting

philips hue ambient light smart home

A great lighting will not only save your eyes on those long nights in the home office, but it can actually elevate your whole setup too. Your home office should be pleasing and welcoming so that you can feel encouraged for work. And this largely depends on the lighting. Poor lighting can impact your energy, hinder moral, cause eye strain and headaches, and eventually dampen your ability to work. If your home office lacks natural light, you can choose from artificial lights when considering workspace lighting.
Types of useful gadgets you can use for your home office to make better lighting:
• Small Table Lamp for this we have chosen Black traditional table lamp.
• Decorative and spot lighting to make your home office look more attractive. For this we have chosen Philips Hue.

9. Webcam

webcams a useful gadget

Sometimes we are required to conduct interviews as well as podcasts. But that can be frustrating with poor quality audio and video. Although the built-in webcam and mic in your laptop can work fine, But you need sophisticated useful gadgets to create video content, voiceovers, or interviews.
You don’t need to go for that professional webcam or mic (unless you are handling a crucial video or voiceover project). You can get started with any range of them.
If you expect to be holding internal (and outgoing) video meetings for quite some time, and you aren’t going for the above recommended laptop, then pick up the CASE U HW1. This is a 1080p webcam with an excellent stand for laptops, monitors, and tripods. While this is a plug-and-play option, it’s also equipped with enhanced controls and filters for power users.
Something cheap and cheerful is, in my experience, just as good as something that costs four times the price.


Your shift, to work from home or taking online classes requires the best gadgets that makes your work easy and productive. Using the best gadgets while working from home brings efficiency in your busy schedules and save your time. The best gadgets for your setup listed above are extremely reliable and come in the reasonable prices as per your budget.

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